Abounding in blessings of lavender

The sweet lady who gave me the pretty bouquet of lavender on Wednesday brought this to church for me yesterday! I feel like I am just abounding in blessings of lavender! What an encouragement all of these lavender gifts have been to me! The Lord is continuing to show me how much it means when we do these simple acts of kindness! We never know what a difference these little things can make! I am learning more and more!

May the Lord continue to grow me in this area!

I hope you will know the Lord’s blessing today ~ and that your weekend will be filled with joy! I think we are going blueberry picking today!!


6 thoughts on “Abounding in blessings of lavender

  1. Good Afternoon Sharon ~

    We had such a nice evening out with our son and
    “daughter” yesterday.

    It was so nice that you could enjoy dinner with your
    daughter and “son.” Those times are so special after
    our kids are married and have homes of their own.

    It is still very warm here. Our little town has a yearly
    celebration at this time every year. There will be a
    parade and we have all of the class reunions at this
    time. This is all downtown in our park this evening.
    There are rides for the kids, church food booths, music,
    and games.

    This is when everyone comes back home to be with
    family and friends. We will see many of our classmates
    who have moved away and will come home for this. We
    always have such a good time chatting with everyone.
    My husband and I have been going to this every year
    since we were small. Many generations have enjoyed

    Your blueberry picking sounds like fun. Do you have
    special recipes that you will use your blueberries in?

    Blessings to you! Have a nice weekend and be sure
    and rest up from your busy week.

    Hugs ~

  2. Dear Teri,

    I am so glad you had a nice evening out as a family! All of our family was together too as our son and daughter-in-law came for dinner at our daughter’s as well.

    Your town celebration sounds wonderful. My husband and I would really love to live in a small town! What a fun time to visit with those who have moved away. Did your husband grow up in this town as well?

    We did go blueberry picking yesterday but it was hard work! There were a lot of green berries but you had to search for ripe ones. We didn’t quite get 7 pounds! It is probably a little early in the season ~ they said around mid August it should be good so we will have to go back to get some more. We love blueberries. I freeze them and we will eat some plain as well as use them in muffins, coffee cakes and an occasional pie. I made a pie last night to enjoy for our work at the farm!

    I hope to have a restful day today. Yesterday I seemed to be going on slow speed ~ the week must have caught up to me!

    I hope you are enjoying a blessed weekend ~ and do share about your evening in the park ~ it sounds like such a fun time!



  3. Dear Mari,

    Thank you for your tip on getting the lavender planted! I love flowers but I don’t have a lot of gardening experience so I appreciate any help! My husband planted it for me yesterday ~ I’m sure I will enjoy it so much!

    I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend there in your cottage!

    Blessings to you,


  4. Dear Kalianne,

    Lavender is so pretty and there are so many different kinds! I am drying the bouquet I received so that I can enjoy it for even longer! My husband planted the lavender plant yesterday so I will look forward to lavender season next year!

    Garden flowers bring so much enjoyment ~ it is one of my favorite things to be able to go out and pick a bouquet of flowers from my own yard. It brings such satisfaction!!

    Blessings to you! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!


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