Blueberry Days

We went blueberry picking yesterday! I think it was a little too early in the season because it was hard work to find ripe berries! It took Bill and Abbie and I quite a while to get just under 7 pounds! It always feels so good to have a supply of them put up for the winter! This is an organic blueberry farm and the price was only $1.25 /lb. if you picked 5 pounds or more! That is much less expensive than the prices in the stores here!

We had a little visitor join us while we were picking!

A lovely sight! ♥

There were lots and lots of green berries so we will have to go back and get more ~ they said mid-August should be a good time!!

We love blueberries!!

A treat for my husband (and us too!)

It should be a relaxing afternoon here before we have to tackle our “work around the house day” tomorrow!

I hope you have a lovely and restful Sunday! ♥


14 thoughts on “Blueberry Days

  1. Dear Sharon,

    The organic blueberries look so delicious!!! That was a wonderful price. I enjoyed your lovely photos and the blueberry pie you made looks so yummy!!! I hope you have a restful Lord’s day and have a good day tomorrow with your homekeeping at your Shepherds House!

    May the Lord bless you!

    P.S. Your garage sale finds are so pretty and the fresh lavender and the lavender plant are just lovely! What sweet gifts! The Lord is so good to bless us with such simple and lovely things!

  2. Good Morning Sharon ~

    Your blueberry pictures are so nice! Your blueberry pie
    looks wonderful! I am sure it is much work to pick the
    berries. ~ Strawberries are the only berries that I have
    ever picked. ~ It is so comforting to have a supply for
    later use.

    In your last e-letter you asked if my husband grew up
    in our hometown. Yes. We both moved here when we
    were in lower grade school. I moved from a small town
    just a few miles south of here and my husband moved
    from a small community just a few miles east of here.
    We did not know one another in grade school. We met
    when I started high school. He was a senior when I was
    a freshman. We were high school sweethearts. We didn’t
    marry until several years after I was out of high school.
    We will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in August.

    I hope that you enjoy a peaceful Sunday afternoon. We
    sat out on the porch early this morning and enjoyed our
    cup of coffee. We have a quiet afternoon planned.

    Blessings to you!

    Hugs ~

  3. Dear Paula,

    Thank you so much for your sweet visit ~ I have been thinking of you and missed you!

    Yes, the Lord is good and blesses us so richly in so many ways!

    I am looking forward to picking more blueberries next month as they are so good for you! I love having them available for my family. I am happy that we can pick organic ones for such a reasonable price ~ knowing that we will enjoy them throughout the year!

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying a lovely and peaceful summer there at Rose Cottage!

    May the Lord bless you my friend,


  4. Dear Teri,

    We usually pick blueberries and blackberries to put up in the freezer. It is such a nice feeling to know that we have them to use throughout the year!

    What wonderful memories you and your husband must have of your small town and all the years you have lived there. I think that is very special! My husband and I went to the same Jr. High and High School but we didn’t date until the very end of our senior year.

    I think it is wonderful that you have been married for almost 40 years ~ what a blessing that is!!

    I am so glad that you could sit out this morning and enjoy your coffee together. It is cloudy here and has been a little rainy today ~ we were supposed to have a baptism at the lake after church but they postponed it for a couple of weeks. My girls were leaving after church with our oldest daughter and son-in-law to go to the town where the rest of my family lives. It is a small town and they have been having some pioneer festivities in a park this weekend. So after my husband finishes up at church we are planning to spend the day together!

    I hope the rest of your day is blessed ~ I have enjoyed your sweet visit today!



  5. I love blueberries, and your pie looks delicious. Blueberries are so good for you. And the price is wonderful, as they are outrageously expensive at the store!

  6. Dear Cathy,

    Thank you for your visit!! Yes, blueberries are so good for you ~ I think they are one of the superfoods!! We don’t have too many bags left in the freezer from last year. They are expensive in the store so I am happy that we can get organic ones for such a good price. Going berry picking is one of the simple pleasures I enjoy!

    I hope you have a lovely week ahead!



  7. The pie looks delicious! $1.25 per lb. for organic blueberries is an excellent price. The ones we picked were not organic and I spent more than that. It was still cheaper than the store but not that cheap!

    Good job. 🙂


  8. Sharon,

    Wow! $1.25 a pound for organic blueberries — that’s fantastic!

    Your pie looks so tasty but unfortunately, as much as I love blueberries, they *don’t like me* :o(

    Trust you have a great week ahead :o)

  9. What a lovely time you must have had! Your pictures are lovely, as usual! Oh…and that pie….mmm mmm!!

    Glad you could stop by today…I just can’t resist posting, even when I’m supposed to be on a bloggy-break!

    Love, Tina xx

  10. Thanks Terri! $1.25 is a good price for organic berries. There is another farm where the berries aren’t organic but they are only $1.00 a pound! The picking was really hard though and I thought of you getting 20 lbs. in such a short amount of time! We were short two of our helpers this time so it made it even harder for us! Hopefully when we go back in August it will be easier ~ there were so many green berries!

    I hope you have a great week ahead!



  11. Dear Dallas,

    The pie is very tasty! How sad that the blueberries “don’t like you”! It’s the same with fresh broccoli for me ~ it’s another food that is so good for you but I have to avoid it! I can eat cooked broccoli though so that’s a plus!

    I hope you had a lovely day today!



  12. Dear Tina,

    I always enjoy going blueberry picking! This time it was harder as it must have been a little too early in the season ~ but when the ripe berries are plentiful it makes for such an enjoyable outing. We have been going for many years and I just love having a stock up in the freezer.

    I’m glad you had a chance to post today! I know it is hard to take a break from it!! 🙂 I was glad to be able to visit you!

    I hope the rest of your summer break is blessed!



  13. Hi Deby!

    Blueberry picking is one of my simple summer pleasures! The pie was good ~ but it’s a good thing we don’t make it too often!

    I hope you have a wonderful day! It’s cloudy here today but a good day for homemaking!

    Blessings to you,


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