A refreshing pause

Yesterday after church, our girls went with our oldest daughter and son-in-law to some pioneer festivities in the town where the rest of my family lives. So Bill and I spent the afternoon together. It was a refreshing pause in the busyness of life! For the most part I try to keep my life very simple ~ but sometimes busy days are unavoidable! It felt so good to have this day of rest!

Bill offered to take me out to lunch ~ but instead we opted to make a picnic lunch at home and take it to the marina beach! Nothing fancy ~ but sweet times to treasure!

The day was somewhat cloudy and cooler but we enjoyed sitting on a log having lunch by the water. You could see the ferry and other boats in the distance as well as scuba divers and kids playing in the water (Brrr!) We even saw a train pass by that had an old-fashioned red caboose! You don’t seem to see those around here anymore!

We talked about our future goals and dreams as we walked through the marina.  ~ I am so thankful to have a husband that embraces living a simple life!

Today I am pondering ~ what really makes for a simple life? One of the things that I am trying to do is prioritize so that I can have a less distracted and more purposeful focus on the things the Lord would have my life to be about. This might mean less of some things ~ like clutter and things I have to dust; but it might mean more in other areas. One of the things that is important to me and that I would like to have more of is garden flowers to be able to use in decorating and to be able to give away to others. Another thing is more of a food and supply stockpile so that I don’t have to go to the store as often and so that I can be prepared for hospitality. How about you ~ what are the things that help you to lead a more simple life?

Wishing you a simple day filled with simple pleasures!


14 thoughts on “A refreshing pause

  1. Good Evening Sharon ~

    A picnic at the beach ~ so peaceful. ~

    I am happy that you are thinking of ~ stocking up. ~ We
    have been working on this for awhile. We have started
    small and are just working our way up. We have a small
    home, so we are limited on the amount that we can do.
    I am anxious to see what ideas you and your husband
    come up with. We are finding that you really do not need
    alot of space. Organization is the most important part.

    Please share your ideas!

    Enjoy your evening!!

    Hugs ~

  2. Good evening Teri!

    I hope you have had a good day today! We worked outside today and accomplished quite a bit. It is such a nice feeling to get some things done! I feel good and rested from the busyness of last week!

    We too have been stocking up for awhile but I don’t have as much done in this area as I would like. Our home is small as well. A number of years ago we purchased a large storage cupboard. Then we slowly added a couple more. Our son also bought two to use in his first apartment for extra storage and then when he moved earlier this year he didn’t have room for them so he gave them to us. So now we are blessed with 5 storage cupboards! One of them I have started as a hospitality cupboard where I can store extra things so that I can be prepared to be hospitable! I haven’t done too much with that one. Another cupboard I use to store paper products and things like garbage bags and dishwashing soap, etc.
    It is so nice to buy extra things when they are on sale and put them in there and not feel like I have to go to the store when I run out of something! A lot of people use under the bed storage containers to hold extra supplies! Sometimes it does take some creative organization!
    Not too long ago I started a list of things to use as a guide of things that I want to stock up on. I keep that list in my purse.

    I would love to hear what you and your husband have been working on in this area. It is something I am really interested in!

    Hugs and blessings,


  3. Good morning, Sharon. What a wonderful post. It’s funny because it kind of goes hand in hand with what I posted this morning about living beyond our means. Thank you for giving me some more to chew on today. 🙂

  4. Good morning Terri!

    You have a wonderful post today ~ it is very encouraging!!

    It’s funny because one of the things I was thinking of yesterday when I posted this but didn’t include was that of wanting less expenses. Less expenses helps to have a more simple ~ and stress free life! I was reading a forum post recently and one lady said that one of the things they wanted to do was to be able to live on one minimum wage job if they had to! I don’t know if it would be possible in the areas that either of us live ~ but reading that certainly challenged me!

    It is always good to be challenged in this area!! Thank you! 🙂

    Blessings on your day,


  5. This is a very thought provoking post….I am not sure what and how to achieve the simplicity I would like.
    I think we each define it for ourselves…a slowing down of life, and thoughts to *live in the moment*….to redeem the time, now…to live in what IS and not what you think should always be, does this make sense…
    Anyways, looks like the break was a good thing for you both….things like that are always special…

  6. Dear Deby ~

    I think it is a growing process! I think so many are wanting to have a more simple life but sometimes it is hard to know exactly how to achieve it! You are so right ~ we each have to define it for ourselves! What might be a simple life for one person might not be for someone else! Some aspects of a simple life don’t even involve “things” at all. It is like you said ~ “a slowing down of life, and thoughts to *live in the moment*…to redeem the time”.

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts today ~ it gives me more things to think about!



  7. Dear Deby,

    Simplicity takes effort. It is a decision that is made with your heart then your mind follows. I take things easy also, but I must learn to prioritize my time and enjoy the restful moments without guilt.

    This month of July has been that for me. August is just around the corner and we then begin homeschooling. My time will then be used in a different manner and my priorities must be set in place.

    I am so happy that you are able to enjoy your time with your husband in such a nice setting. These are the moments that the Lord rewards us with…

    many blessings,


  8. I enjoyed reading about your simple lunch down by the water’s edge. The pictures were lovely and I appreciated what you wrote about making our lives simpler.

    I usually keep our meals simple because we are older, we don’t seem to burn calories the way we did when we were younger so I don’t cook with sauces and such much any more. Pretty much a simple meat be it chickenk, pork or beef or fish along with a potato or rice and a salad or vegetable.

    Cooking simpler meals saves me time but I always try to have some kind of rice packages that I can use if we get company and always keep on hand salad fixings and meat in the refridgerator.

    I find when one gets older, we are not so attracted to “stuff” to accumulate and our wants are much more simple. A roof over our head, good food and a comfortable bed kind of does it.

    This might not sound like much but we enjoy our life. Oh, and I forgot great friends finishes up the needs of our life!


  9. Dear Sharon

    What a beautiful restful day. I enjoyed this post and the pictures of the marina beach. Your voice reminds me of a good friend left behind when we moved north last year. A very sweet Christian lady.

    My husband and I have been striving for simplicity for a while. But it’s hard to break old habits. One thing that’s simplified my life is changing where I do the grocery shopping. I have tried bulk shopping in the past – but due to poor health found the day too exhausting. I think it’s an excellent idea as buying in bulk saves time and money. We have country friends that regularly shop this way.

    To simplify life recently I’ve begun shopping at a small supermarket close to home, rather than the big supermarket chains at our local Westfield Mall. My new supermarket is very small with only 5 (short) isles. There is less to choose from, so our meals are simpler. There are less tempting gourmet and fine foods, so we save money. It takes less time to shop – I’m finished, home and unpacked within an hour. Not many people shop there during the day, so there are no line-ups at the cash register. It’s quiet. Not stressful. In general the prices are very good. I save $80-100AUD every week by shopping this way. My weekly budget is $250.00 so it’s a great saving. In Australia there is a current inquiry into the large supermarket chains regarding over-pricing food. I think my little supermarket hasn’t done this, and that’s why the food is so reasonably priced. For anyone in Australia, I shop at a local independently owned IGA supermarket.

    Food and meal preparation take up a large chunk of a homemaker’s time and energy and are a major ongoing cost for the household. I have found it to be a great place to start simplifying and reducing unnecessary expenditure.

    Hugs & blessings,

  10. Dear Mari,

    Simplicity does take some effort as well as taking the time to realize just what our true priorities are ~ and also what we would like our lives to look like! Yes, after the summer break, things will look different when homeschooling starts again! It is such a good thing and one of the things I have never regretted doing.

    Thank you for your visit today! I am enjoying so much each comment on this subject!

    We did have a lovely and relaxing lunch there at the beach ~ it was a simple time of blessing from the Lord!

    Blessings to you,


  11. Hi Dianne,

    It is good to visit with you today! Cooking simple meals is a wonderful way to bring simplicity to our lives. And I think it is probably healthier too!

    Thank you for sharing about some of the things you keep on hand to use if you have company. I have started a hospitality cupboard and I was just thinking today about maybe doing a post asking what others keep on hand to be able to extend hospitality. I know I could benefit from other’s ideas on what to stock up on!

    As you mentioned, I don’t think we really need too many things to make us truly happy!

    Thank you so much for sharing!



  12. Dear Kalianne,

    Thank you for your sweet words! I just love hearing how others are trying to simplify their lives!

    Grocery shopping is a good place to begin! I know I could do some simplifying in this area ~ I think this is an area for me where it is hard to break old habits! Grocery shopping for me can be a very time consuming project ~ however, it is one of the homemaking things that I really enjoy so maybe that is why I haven’t simplified in that area too much yet! But with gas prices as they are, I think I do need to simplify!

    You have made it sound so lovely going to this smaller supermarket that is close by your home. It sounds like you are doing really good in this area which is very encouraging to me! Food and meal preparation do take up a large portion of time for the homemaker and are one of the costliest budget items. Since I have grocery shopping to do this week, I am going to take a look at what ways I can simplify this!

    Thank you for sharing what you are doing to simplify ~ I really appreciate it!

    Have a great day,


  13. Good afternoon Sharon,

    What a delightful time you and your husband were able to spend together :o)

    I treasure those moments when my husband and I take the time to have heart to hearts and to think out loud and dream together …. pondering God’s will in our lives and what He wants us to do.

    I also try to stock up on oft-used items when grocery shopping in order to decrease the amount of times I have to go out but because my husband works 1 hour away from where we live, I have to go out for gas 3X weekly anyways and try to do any other errands around gas purchases :o)

    I love the idea of having those 5 storage cupboards for *surplus* …. they would stand me in good stead because there have been times that my surplus was so far back in my pantry cupboard that I even forgot it was there :o(

    I can appreciate what Deby said in *living in the moment,* redeeming the time, NOW…living in what IS and not what you think SHOULD be — the latter being a problem area of mine!

    In this time of my life, with my children now adults, it should be time for me to go through the house and sort and discard LOTS of things, but I am a *pack rat* and love to keep things simply for sentimental value ~ I hate throwing things away *just in case* down the road I wish I had kept them :o)

    Obviously, I really have to work on simplifying my life!

    Have a lovely day :o)

  14. Dear Dallas,

    I am so thankful to be able to have special times like this with my husband, and like you said ~ it is good to be able to “ponder God’s will in our lives and what He wants us to do.”

    I think what Deby said was good too! It is easy to miss out on the here and now because we have an idea of what we want things to be and waiting for that.

    I am trying to not be a pack rat and I can so relate to your thoughts in this area! Like you, I can see my need to simplify even more!

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts ~ all of the comments are so helpful and encouraging to me!

    Have a lovely day,


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