My Shepherd’s House Cupboard

In addition to the tea cupboard that I have in my kitchen, I have been working on a hospitality cupboard! I am so excited to have a space for this ~ a place set apart from the rest of our household food supplies so that I can be sure of having things available when the need arises! I am hoping to store things in this cupboard so that I will be able to offer simple and welcoming hospitality to guests at any time!

Do any of you stock up on things for the purpose of simple hospitality? If so, what kinds of things do you keep on hand in your pantry or cupboard?

I would love to hear how you organize and prepare for when guests drop by!

Blessings friends!


19 thoughts on “My Shepherd’s House Cupboard

  1. Dearest Sharon,

    I think this is a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing. You are always such an encouragement. I was also blessed by your previous post, your day with your dear husband and your thoughts on simple living. There are so many wonderful things we can do to live simply and enjoy our time with our dear ones more. One of the most important things I do to keep our lives simple is simply being at home, caring for my husband, our son and our home. Trying to make our days slow and enjoyable. My husband goes to town Monday thru Friday for work but my son and I only go twice a month with him on payday to get our food shopping and other errands completed. We order a lot of things on line that are delivered right to our door! We eat nourishing and delicious food that I prepare from scratch using organic whole foods, we eat simply but it is healthy and I enjoy the time of food preparation and sharing our meals together. It is nice to take a little break and sit in the porch swing and watch the hummingbirds come to the feeder. I think there is so much to learn about living simply and that we must make choices that are right for our own families to make our lives simple. I love your idea of having a flower garden and sharing those flowers with others. We plan on planting more flowers too and I think they are wonderful to brighten someone’s day. You always brighten my day, by your kindness, your sweet comments on my blog and yours and your simple way of living. You are an inspiration.

    The Lord bless you as you live simply at your Shepherds House!

  2. Dear Paula,

    Thank you so much for your encouraging and inspiring comment! I have been pondering your lovely words! I too like to enjoy slow and enjoyable days ~ but you have encouraged me to think about how I can improve in this! I love the fact that you only go out for your food shopping and errands twice a month! Paula ~ you are an inspiration in this!! I still may have to leave home more often than that but I’m sure there are ways that I can consolidate trips with more careful planning! Home is really the place I love to be so I want to be more purposeful in this regard! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to take a break and enjoy all the lovely things around our homes such as the hummingbirds! Abbie has purchased a suet feeder with some of her birthday money and we are enjoying the different birds that it is attracting! It is such a blessing!

    Would you mind sharing the kinds of things that you like to order online? Do you mostly buy staple pantry items or other household items as well?

    I am so encouraged by your purposeful and simple living at home! Thank you so much for being a blessing to me!

    May the Lord richly bless you and your dear family at your Rose Cottage by the Lake!

    Have a lovely day,


  3. I love this idea and look forward to seeing how this unfolds and what you come up with.

    I too enjoyed reading Paula’s comment on simple living as it is something I am working on. I think she nailed it….
    STAY HOME…..
    This is something I will also mull over…
    always a delight to come here, Sharon.

  4. What a delightful idea ~ a hospitality cupboard! I don’t have a specific place for that type of thing but I do try to have baking on hand in the freezer *just in case* …

    Another thing I do is freeze a part of whatever casserole or meal that we are having and keep it in the freezer for whenever I am shown that there is a need in someone’s life for a little *helping hand*.

    I do the same with everything I bake ~ I make some for us and the rest is to use for hospitality or to take to others as little gifts.

    I recently did that with chicken legs …. they were supposed to be on sale for 99c a pound but when I got there, they had decided to only charge 59c a pound!!! Needless to say, after giving away a few bags of them, they are still the only thing I see when I open my freezer :o)

    I guess in thinking this over, I seem to stock up more on items that can be given to someone for their own *pantry* or as meals rather than in entertaining in our home.

    I do try to NEVER run out of at least 1 item in my freezer that can be used if someone drops in unexpectedly or we invite someone over *spontaneously* …

    I thoroughly enjoyed Paula’s ideas on simplifying life as well.

    Your thoughts and ideas, Sharon, are always a wonderful blessing to me and I so enjoy my visits to your little place!

  5. Well, my idea of being ready for hospitality is to always have something freshly baked in the house. My family enjoys the goodies so much that even if we don’t have any company I know I have made their day by having a special treat for them to look forward to. It is funny because my sister and her husband seem to know exactly when these treats are ready to eat, as they always manage to just “drop by” as I am cutting into a pie or cookies. And my brother is getting pretty good at predicting those times too…I love it!

    Oh, and I have learned the hard way to ALWAYS have some sort of drinks on hand–even if that means just frozen juice from the freezer! I have been embarrassed more than once by offering only water because I ran out of everything else and hadn’t gone shopping yet. Nestea Powdered ice tea is another great thing to keep on hand if you can buy it on sale. Most people love it either hot or cold and one canister goes a long way.


  6. Good Evening Sharon ~

    I enjoyed your cupboard for sharing very much. We do
    keep items for sharing with others ~ but not in a separate
    cupboard. We always have organic coffees and teas and
    usually I have a baked item on hand. We do have a young
    family that visits us often. They are like grandchildren to
    us. They are 2, 3, and 4. There grandparents do not live
    close. So we love to help out when needed. We do keep
    goodies on hand for them. We keep organic animal cookies,
    fruit juices and they love string cheese. They all like apples
    and bananas ~ so we always keep those on hand. We
    also keep shortbread cookies ~ store bought ~ just in case.

    Sharon ~ this is kind of off the subject, but I have been
    reading through your earlier posts. I have been putting
    together a gift wrapping drawer. I was reading your posts
    in December and we both use very similar items for gift
    wrapping. I have different size craft paper bags that I can
    decorate and also a roll of the craft paper. I make my own
    tags and I love using raffia. I did notice that you have some
    really cute ribbon and I think that would go along with my
    old fashioned and simple gift wrap. I also liked your
    homemade gifts ~ travel kits, cookie cutter goodies, and
    the candy bags. I also have found some tissue paper to
    line the bags that is different colors of gingham. It makes
    for a simple finished gift bag.

    I hope you enjoy your evening and I am looking forward
    to all of your ideas and the others who have such good
    ideas that also comment.

    Hugs ~

  7. Dear Sharon,

    You are so inspiring, I love this idea! I don’t keep a lot in my pantry for hospitality: A range of different teas, and other hot beverage options as well as long life soy milk (we don’t drink it, but so many people have milk allergies). I keep tetra packed fruit juice in the panty and always have ice on hand for cold drinks. As there is only two of us at home we often have plenty of freshly baked goodies to share.

    I’m a great fan of cooking for the freezer and find this is very helpful for hospitality. An excellent cookbook on the subject is ‘Frost Bite’ by Susan Austin. The book contains tips on successful freezing, thawing and reheating, plus lots of delicious recipes specifically suited to the freezer. Of the recipes I’ve tried so far no one would know they’d been frozen unless they were told, and they taste very delicious. Muffins, pancakes, corn fritters, burgers, many pies and tarts, pizzas, filo wraps, cookies, slices, soups and finger foods may freeze well. The author has a new book out about freezer cooking for children and teenagers. The only issue I have with freezers is the power they use. It’s best to keep them well stocked to save energy. I guess this is a good incentive for more hospitality! 🙂

    It’s been lovely to stop by and chat again!

    Many blessings,

  8. Dear Deby,

    Yes, when it comes to finding a more simple life ~ I think Paula is right ~ staying home is so important. We live in such a busy world these days!

    I will be mulling over these things with you!

    Thank you for your sweet comment! It is always a delight to have you visit, Deby!

    Have a great day ~ it is lovely to see the sun shining in through the windows this morning!

    Blessings to you,


  9. Dear Dallas,

    Today is my grocery shopping day so I am going to try and get things to make up a couple of extra meals for the freezer. I don’t take advantage of my freezer to the extent that I could ~ so I appreciate your thoughts on this!

    I love how you stock up on things to be given away as well ~ I hadn’t really thought about that! What a lovely idea!

    What a wonderful buy on the chicken legs! And again ~ I love how you gave some away!

    One of my goals is really to be able to be a little more prepared for unexpected visitors or spontaneous hospitality. It sounds like you are doing well in this!

    Thank you so much for sharing what you are doing in this ~ I am being encouraged and challenged!

    Have a wonderful day!


  10. Dear Kris,

    Thank you so much for sharing! Your family is so blessed to have you! It is so nice to be able to offer something freshly baked when someone stops by! It sounds like you are getting a reputation for having homemade treats! Of course, I’m not surprised as I’ve enjoyed just seeing some of the wonderful things you’ve made on your blog!

    I so agree with you about ALWAYS having something to drink on hand! That was my first thing to stock up on ~ I have had similar experiences like you!
    I love hearing everyone’s ideas ~ you have encouraged me ~ thank you!



  11. Dear Teri,

    What a blessing you must be to this young family! It is good to remember to plan ahead for little ones too! Thank you for sharing what you keep on hand for hospitality! I love hearing what others do!

    I have an under the bed storage box that I bought to store my gift wrapping supplies in but some of it I have moved to a shelf in my hall linen closet now. It is so helpful to have a place to keep things together. I think I need to do a little clutter control in this area! We have gathered oh so many gift bags from gifts received!

    I love the brown paper look for wrapping gifts ~ it is so simple and old-fashioned looking! It sounds like we enjoy the same style! I love using raffia too! The Christmas ribbon was some that I purchased at JoAnn Fabrics when it was on sale. I think the gingham tissue paper is lovely too ~ very simple and old-fashioned as well.

    Do you have a special way that you like to decorate your bags and paper?

    As always ~ I enjoyed hearing from you and learning from you!

    Have a blessed day,


  12. Dear Sharon,

    You are so very welcome! I think you will have no problem on consolidating your trips, as you said the key, careful planning. Also, if we run out of something my husband can easily pick it up after work while he is in town, on his way home. I think each person must find what works for them, it may be going to run errands once every week. Keeping at home really helps me to live simply and to have the time and energy to cook, bake, sew, keep home and so on without feeling rushed and overwhelmed.

    I am so glad Abbie purchased a suet feeder and you are blessed with so many birds visiting it. I will put one out this fall, as it is so hot now they will melt! I know you love your home and it is so nice to be able to enjoy it and God’s creation.

    I am happy to share things I order. Yes, I order pantry items (nuts, dried fruit, olive oil, grains, herbs, sea salt, spices, coconut oil, skin care etc.), and I also order our grass-fed meat, fish and pastured eggs directly from a family farm. For years we drove a 7 hour round trip once a month to a farm in Texas to buy grass-fed meat, pastured eggs and raw goat milk, but it was wearing me out. My husband and son began going alone, but did not like to leave me by myself all day, so we began to order these things from a family farm and the shipping is actually a little less than the gas was.

    If you go to my blog you will see a section on the right hand side called “Health and Nutrition” that lists many of the places I order from. I just received my grass-fed meat and pastured eggs yesterday from Fox Fire Farms. Not one egg was broken and the meat, as it always is, was frozen solid. It is two-day shipping and they pack it in dry ice and ice packs. It has been in the 100’s here so they know how to pack the meat to keep it frozen, and I am at home to receive my package and get everything in the freezer. I also received my order from Sun Organic Farm and the nuts, dried fruit, etc. are so very fresh. I have ordered from them for years and from Fox Fire Farms for months now. It is easier for me to order things on line, many things that are not available to me locally. I buy what I can in the health food store and order the things I can’t find. I like that I can order from the comfort of my home and it is delivered right to my front door, this makes things simple for me.

    Thank you for being such a blessing to me, dear Sharon!
    May the Lord richly bless you and your family!

  13. Dear Sharon,
    I just want to add that what is simple for me may not be for you or someone else. I think we each must seek the Lord for guidance and wisdom for ourselves and our families. The best thing for me, is to be at home, expect for the twice monthly trip to town. This is what works for me and my family. I have a friend that lives simple, yet she cannot keep a big garden and grow all her own food, so she has a few containers for herbs and veggies. This is simple for her and she realized that a big garden would be too much to care for by herself. I think this a perfect example of tailoring simple living to our individual needs and it is very wise to do so.
    May the Lord bless you!!!

  14. Dear Kalianne,

    I always enjoy your lovely visits so much!

    I like to keep some of the hot beverage options on hand too. The idea for the soy milk is a great idea! We had guests recently and one of the family members did have a dairy allergy so that is helpful to take into consideration!

    I know I can work on using my freezer more efficiently ~ there is some empty space in there to fill but some of the space will be taken up with more blueberries and blackberries when they are ready! This weekend I hope to put a couple of extra meals in there as I know what a wonderful feeling that is!

    I will look and see if I can find the book you recommended ~ it sounds great!! Thank you so much for sharing the title.

    It has been great talking to you today ~ you ladies are all so helpful and encouraging!

    Blessing on your day,


  15. What a lovely idea! I’ve just stocked up on tea, coffee and hot chocolate. I need to do some baking but I’ll need to exercise self-control as I’m trying to lose weight! x

  16. Dear Paula,

    I so appreciate the things you have shared. There really is not one set way that will work out the best for everyone. We do need to seek the Lord for His wisdom and guidance for our own individual family. I do need to remember to keep my eyes on the Lord and not compare myself to others. He knows what is best for me!
    I really appreciate your sharing of what life looks like for you! It is very encouraging and inspiring! Usually one morning a week my husband does the shopping for needed church supplies and he likes for me to come along with him and help him find the things he needs. For me to go, it does take me out of the house for an extra time, but I believe it is honoring to my husband as well as pleasing to the Lord for me to do this. So while my schedule at home cannot look exactly like yours ~ you have encouraged me to consider ways in which I can simplify and consolidate more in this area. And that is such a blessing to me!! I, too, like to keep my life from feeling rushed and overwhelmed ~ and being at home more certainly helps me maintain the peaceful and well-being feeling that I love!

    Thank you so much for sharing what you purchase online. I will have to spend some time looking at these things more. I know when I have made purchases online it was truly a blessing to have them delivered here at home.

    I so appreciate all of your thoughts, encouragement and friendship!

    Hugs and blessings,


  17. Dear Phoebe,

    How wonderful that you have stocked up on these things! They will come in very handy for offering hospitality. I always feel so good having things like this ready for guests!

    Thank you so much for visiting and sharing! It is a blessing!

    Have a wonderful weekend,


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