Happy Homemaking ♥

A homemaker’s day offers so many pleasures….

Smiling faces in the garden

Delightful scents

Recipes to browse and shopping lists to make

Cookies to bake

Tea for refreshment

Handmade items to work on

Notes to write

Meals to make

Laundry to hang

Walks to take

Games to play

I hope you are enjoying a lovely day!


12 thoughts on “Happy Homemaking ♥

  1. Sharon, what a lovely post! When I first stopped working I’m afraid that I didn’t appreciate all the simple things of being a homemaker so well. I kept thinking I was missing out on so much.

    However, I find now that I really do enjoy the simple things in life. After not being able to do this for 4 years, I’m loving hanging laundry out again. I love being able to create a delicious and appealing meal and a handmade craft. I love the smell of fresh basil from the garden and the beauty of the flowers.

    I love sitting in my backyard and writing a note while the wind sweeps across the field behind our house. These are all little things I would miss out on sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day.

    Thank you for your reminder of the joy of being home!


  2. Good Morning Sharon ~

    ~ A SIMPLY HOMEY POST ! ~ Every picture is so special and
    homey! There is just nothing better than being at home
    and fully enjoying all the little things that make our homes
    so comfy for ourselves and our loved ones. ~ SIMPLICITY ~
    You have such a special way of sharing your thoughts and
    ideas on this subject! I so enjoy each and every post!

    Simple blessings to you and yours!

    Hugs ~

  3. Sharon,

    Thank you so much for all the lovely pictures that show such love for simple pleasures.

    I walked through your list and enjoyed the flowers, the walk and I could even smell the fresh laundered clothes flapping in the breeze.

    I looked at the pictures of crafts and thought of those that I am working on and the cookbooks (I have the “More for Less Cookbook”) and thought of all the recipes that I would like to try.

    I thought of the notes that I have written friends and received from friends and how much they meant to me which made me think how important it is to write to others and share with them how much they mean to us.

    I could smell the cookies baking in the oven and how wonderful they would taste with that hot cup of tea or coffee.

    Thanks for bringing all these wonderful moments into my life this morning. It gives me something to think about today as I go through my chores. You have been a real blessing to me today!!

    Blessings back to you, Sharon!!!

  4. What a truly lovely post! I enjoyed looking at your beautiful photography and being reminded of what a true blessing it is to be at home! Thank you Sharon!

    love, Tina xxx

  5. Sharon,

    As always, such a beautiful and inspiring post! I felt like I was almost there, enjoying the simple blessings of your day with you :o)

    I enjoy these simple yet wonderful things as well and have at times in years past somehow taken them for granted, not really understanding just how blessed I am to be able to be a keeper at home!

    It’s sometimes hard to shake the stuff the world throws out about what I *should* be doing and realize that the only opinion that really matters is the Lord’s :o)

    May you enjoy a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!

  6. I so agree…I see some things that we have that are alike…ie: The More with Less Cookbook….to start with…
    oh the JOYS and blessings of being a homemaker…
    it is sad that so many do not see things in this light.
    Wonderful post, Sharon.

  7. Dear Ladies,

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments. It really is such a joy to be a homemaker ~ there are so many lovely possibilities for each new day. Although I have always enjoyed being at home, when my kids were small and life seemed to be so busy ~ I don’t think I took the time to just enjoy all the simple little pleasures of each day! I think by the time we had our youngest daughter I finally realized how quickly time goes and tried to treasure things more. And now I seem to appreciate things even more ~ so my homemaking days are even more precious to me!

    Today I was busy in the kitchen! I spent time making some things to put in the freezer! It is such a wonderful feeling ~ I don’t know why I don’t set time aside for that more often!! However, the kitchen was starting to feel a little on the warm side by dinner time!

    Thank you all so much for stopping by to visit today ~ it means so much to me!!

    I hope you all have a blessed Sunday,


  8. Dear Sharon,

    This is all so lovely! What an encouragement for homemakers. Some days I feel overwhelmed, and on low days I can especially find cleaning and laundry a drudge. I would like to keep this post on my sidebar as a favorite post (if that would be ok). It reminds me to look at the bigger picture and to remember the many little blessings and joys of homemaking. Thank you Sharon!


  9. Dear Sharon,
    I enjoyed your happy homemaking post so much and the lovely photos too. There are so many wonderful blessings and fun things to do in homemaking. I am so thankful to be at home and enjoy all the lovely things you listed! Such an encouraging post and a true example of a beautiful and productive home life!

    May the Lord bless you!

  10. Dear Kalianne ~

    Thank you for your sweet words! Homemaking really is such a blessing but I’m sure most of us experience down days like you are talking about. I do need to remind myself too of my many blessings and joys! You are more than welcome to keep it on your sidebar!

    Thank you for stopping by to visit! I hope you have a lovely homemaking day!!



  11. Dear Paula,

    I feel so thankful to be able to be at home as well! Every day offers new possibilities and there are so many fun and lovely things to do!

    I am so happy to have found such lovely friends who share this joy at home!

    May the Lord bless you with a sweet day of homemaking!



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