Fall is in the air!

My husband came inside yesterday morning and said he could “feel it” ~ the feeling of fall in the air! Although I’m sure there are many lovely days of summer left, it seems that once you can feel the fall air in the mornings ~ the summer days never seem quite the same!

I think each season has it’s own loveliness and enjoyments!

Newly split wood is one of my favorite sights! It means cozy fires in the woodstove in the days ahead! My husband is working to get things ready!


12 thoughts on “Fall is in the air!

  1. You know, I just told my husband the same thing yesterday. It was 50 degrees and chilly this morning when I woke up. I love autumn!

  2. Hi Sharon ~

    We have been enjoying cool nights ~ leaving our bedroom
    windows open to sleep ~ so refreshing!

    Our days are still summer ~ warm during the day and cool
    at night which makes us think that fall is not far away. I
    love the fall.

    Sharon, I wanted to share that we have hummingbirds now.
    I just need to be patient and they will come. ~ Patience is
    not one of my better traits, but I must say I am much better
    than I was when I was younger. Maybe there is still hope.

    Have a nice evening!

    Hugs ~

  3. Fall has been in the air here, but we called it summer! My brother said today that this is the coldest, wettest summer for 20 years. I have read that a lot of places are like that this year. Strange, but at least it’s not snowing LOL


  4. Fall…Oh, I love fall. But it will be a few month before we have much sign of it here in S.Calif. I’ll put my fall decorations out around the middle of September just to celebrate it’s on it’s way!

    It’s hot here..and very dry. We are under red flag alert for fires. We could use a little of that rain every one is talking about.
    Have a blesed day where ever you are!


  5. Dear Terri,

    There is something wonderful about autumn!

    One thing I enjoy is that it always seems like a time to refocus and enjoy a time of new beginnings!

    Of course, I love the pumpkins, fall leaves and the coziness of the season too!

    Have a lovely day,


  6. Dear Teri,

    Yesterday I was outside in the morning and it did have the fall feeling to me but everything looked like summer! I found it very refreshing and encouraging!

    How exciting that you have hummingbirds to enjoy now! I am so happy for you as I know how much we have enjoyed watching them! They are still very busy around here!!

    Have a blessed day,


  7. Dear Kris,

    Oh, your summer sounds like our spring ~ I thought warmer weather was never going to arrive! Maybe the fall will turn out nice for you after a wet summer!

    The weather hasn’t hindered all the beauty you are surrounded with ~ your lovely pictures have made me think of Alaska often!

    Blessings, Kris!


  8. Dear Patty,

    Fall is a wonderful time! You must enjoy some lovely fall temperatures there in Southern California. September is usually a very lovely month here ~ but after that the rains will probably come again. They will be starting work on our new roof today so I consider that a very good fall blessing!

    Praying that you will have some needed rain!

    Thank you for visiting today! May you have a blessed day as well!


  9. We try to cling on to the last weeks of Summer over here in Scotland…our Autumn and Winter days and nights are very dark and cold. In December it is dark from 4pm til 9am. However, I do love the wood stove too and mugs of hot chocolate! We don’t have the searing summer temperatures so I suppose Autumn is quite a relief for you, especially when trying to sleep at night!

    It’s lovely that your hubby is preparing early to keep you cosy!♥

    love, Tina 🙂

  10. Dear Tina,

    Thankfully, we don’t experience the really hot temperatures that some places in the US have ~ I don’t think I could handle temperatures in the 100’s! I am so happy when it is in the 70’s!

    I don’t know if I’m quite ready to give up summer either ~we do get quite a bit of rain here ~ lots of gray and dreary days ~ that’s when it will be time for the fires in the woodstove and hot chocolate…oh,…I do love that too!

    I guess we should enjoy the summer as long as we can!!

    Have a sweet and blessed weekend,


  11. Dear Deby,

    I guess summer hasn’t really left us yet ~ I think the temperatures may get a little hotter in your area but it has been warm here as well! No AC here and last night some of the rooms in our home were feeling quite warm!

    I wish I could save up some of the warmth for when the days turn cold!

    Have a blessed weekend, Deby,


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