“A principal thing to write in the notebook of our minds in the area of human relationships is: When people insist on perfection or nothing, they get nothing. When people insist on having what they daydream as a perfect relationship, they will end up having no relationship at all. When people waste the time they could have – by screaming for more – they will have no time at all. The waste of what could be, by demanding what cannot be, is something we all have lived through in certain periods of our lives, but which we need to put behind us with resolve.”

What Is A Family? Edith Schaeffer

I can’t begin to count the number of times I have had expectations for things and when it hasn’t turned out just as I would have hoped or expected, I am completely disappointed! This is one of the things that has been so helpful to me through the years since reading it ~ if I insist on perfection or nothing, I get nothing! This is something that I have to continually remind myself of and will probably have to put into practice today!

Blessings on your day ~ and the upcoming weekend too! ♥


16 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Good Morning Sharon ~

    The ~ perfection ~ quote sure hits home for me! I think I
    am a bit wiser as I have gotten older, but I do think that
    this is still a bit of a problem for me. I think the ~ time ~
    quote might hit close to home too.

    You having brought this to my attention ~ I think I need
    to work on both of these.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me!

    Have a simple and blessed weekend! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs ~

  2. Dear Deby,

    The “perfection or nothing” part has been something I remind myself of frequently. It has helped me so much to gain a different perspective.

    I hope you are enjoying your blog break ~ I enjoyed the post that you linked to ~ much to think about!

    Blessings Deby!


  3. Dear Teri,

    The perfection part really hit home for me too ~ and I think about it often. The time part really never caught my attention when I read it before but I think I need to work on it as well!

    I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!



  4. Sharon,

    This post hits home for me as well because I’m often fighting my personal expectations of how things *ought to be*.

    For example, rather than enjoying certain relationships *just the way they are*, I often waste valuable time hoping for them to be *where and how they should be* :o)

    I hope this has come across the way I intended ~ sometimes it’s hard to explain things . . .

  5. I really like that quote about perfection. I am trying to record some songs I have written, and I can’t get them perfect enough! And I believe it pertains to me in other areas of my life. Thanks for sharing that.

  6. Sharon,

    Perfection is not attainable. So lets forget about perfection and strive to be just right … in the eyes of our families and in our Lord.



  7. Wow! What a great quote and a great big OUCH from this perfectionist. Thank you for sharing that, Sharon. I do need to realize that perfection in unattainable!


  8. Dear Cathy,

    I agree ~ I think this applies to many areas of life. I think often I hesitate to start projects because I fear it might not turn out just right!

    Blessings to you,


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