Going berrying

Summer definitely hasn’t left us just yet ~ the temperatures yesterday were in the high 80’s and that is pretty warm for our area! I opened up the bedroom window to give just a bit of relief for sleeping but I didn’t feel even the slightest breeze! It is cooler and cloudy today and the outlook for the next few days is showing some rain.

We went blueberry picking again yesterday! This is a different farm than we went last time but it is a pretty place. They have the cutest little produce house with a wraparound porch and a porch swing. We were swinging there and enjoying the view when I took the picture above. I could easily have sat there for a long time enjoying this lovely spot! We came home and Bill helped me package up the berries for the freezer. It is always a lovely sight to see the freezer filling with good things for the winter!

Going blueberry picking has been one of our summer traditions for many years ~ although some of us enjoy it more than others! I really enjoy being out at the farm and take great joy in this little summer pleasure! I would have liked to stay longer but it was just too hot! We ended up with about 17 1/2 pounds this time! Bill made us a couple more berry picking pails before we left so we have 4 of them now!

“The woods were full of other wagons, and other families berrying. They laughed and sang, and all among the trees you could hear their talking. Every year they all met friends here, that they didn’t see at any other time. But all of them were busily picking berries; they talked while they worked…Early in the afternoon the bushel baskets and all the pails were full, and Father drove home. They were all a little sleepy, soaked in sunshine and breathing the fruity smell of the berries.”

Farmer Boy ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

Such sweet summer pleasures!

I hope you are enjoying a lovely and restful Sunday!


18 thoughts on “Going berrying

  1. Yes, sweet summer pleasures, indeed.

    Living in California, blueberrries are hard to come by at a reasonable price. I am originally from Michigan and every time we would go back home to visit, we would pack 3 pound coffee cans full of blueberries. We took them on board the plane in our carry on bags!

    Takes me back to sweet memories of blueberry picking….

    Have blessed Sunday,

  2. Dear Patty,

    It sounds like you have sweet berry picking memories too! And what a treat that you could bring some back home with you! Blueberries are expensive in the stores here but this farm was only $1.00 a pound for u-pick! It seems pretty reasonable for something that is so good for you!

    Thank you for visiting ~ I hope you are enjoying a lovely Sunday!


  3. Dear Janeen,

    Thanks so much for visiting today!

    It was a fun time ~ the fresh blueberries tasted so good! I also used some to put in fruit smoothies and blueberry turnovers too!

    Hope you can stop by again!



  4. Good Evening Sharon ~

    Our weather has been wonderful here. 80 degrees during
    the day and in the 50’s at night. Wonderful sleeping with
    the bedroom windows open. ~ our fleece blanket felt
    good last night ~

    We sure are enjoying this weather. We had a few weeks
    that were so hot.

    It looks like such a nice place to pick blueberries and I love
    the porch swing. I am so happy that you were able to
    have a nice supply of berries to put away to enjoy this

    I enjoyed your pictures that you posted.

    Have a nice evening!

    Hugs ~

  5. Dear Teri,

    Good evening!

    Today feels so wonderful after the heat of yesterday. We don’t really have too many days in the summer when it is so warm!

    I’m so glad your weather has cooled to a more comfortable temperature for you to enjoy the summer days.

    The blueberry farm is a nice place ~ I especially love the little produce house with the porch and swing! It’s really small but I think it would make the cutest house! It doesn’t really feel like it when you are there, but this farm is right in the middle of a fairly good sized city!

    I do hope you enjoy a lovely evening too ~ have you celebrated your anniversary yet?



  6. Hi Sharon ~

    Yes, we celebrated a week ago Saturday. We had a very
    nice dinner out with our son and “daughter”. We enjoyed
    spending the evening with them.

    My husband planned a day trip on the Wednesday before.
    We went to a small town about 80 miles from home. They
    have a historic dutch mill, museum and old prairie town that
    we visited. We also visited a few antique shops and
    specialty shops. We had a real nice lunch at a cute little
    restaurant. We had a very enjoyable day. It sure doesn’t
    seem like we have been married 40 years. ~ I am not sure
    where the time goes.

    Sharon, thank you so much for remembering our anniversary. That is so sweet of you.

    Special blessings to you! I wish that we could sit and chat
    over a cup of tea.

    Hugs ~

  7. Dear Teri,

    Happy Belated Anniversary wishes to you! ♥ I should have asked you about the date sooner and I could have sent an e-card to you! It sounds like you enjoyed 2 special days! The town you visited sounds lovely ~ my hubby and I enjoy going to places like that too!

    40 years! That is wonderful ~ a blessing indeed! I feel the same ~ where does the time go?

    Yes, a visit with a cup of tea sounds good! ♥



  8. Sounds like a wonderful thing to do…in Kitsap county my sister says the blackberries are ripe now…
    Today we are experiencing much cooler weather and rain and it is GREAT, I can’t believe I am even saying that.

  9. Dear Terri,

    Blueberries are a favorite here too. After we pick the berries, I usually make a treat to enjoy and freeze the rest. I had some leftovers from making my husband some turnovers and they tasted so delicious! I forgot just how good the fresh ones taste!

    Have a great day, Terri!



  10. Dear Dallas,

    I always enjoy picking berries ~ for the pleasure of doing it and also for the reward of good things in the freezer later on. We stopped and picked up our daughter and son-in-law and they picked some for their freezer as well.

    May the Lord bless your week!



  11. Dear Deby,

    We just picked some blackberries in our yard today! It is much cooler today and we have had some rain as well! It does feel good to me too but we are in the middle of getting a new roof! They were able to finish up the back half just in time this morning which is a great blessing ~ and will have to come back and do the front after the weather clears again! At least everything is intact for the time being!

    Enjoy the coziness of home these next few days while the weather is cool!



  12. Dear Sharon,

    What a lovely post as always! I have been enjoying reading all your lovely posts and am so blessed by you and your humble and encouraging spirit!

    My, you all picked a wonderful amount of blueberries! It is such a beautiful place too!

    I love the quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder!

    May the Lord bless you dear friend, and the work of your hands in your Shepherds House!

    Blessings, Paula

    P.S. Tell Abigail her nine patch looks wonderful!!! I am sure she will be seeing a lot of new birds during fall migration.

  13. Dear Paula,

    Thank you for your sweet visit and your encouragement!!

    I think I need to read the Little House books again ~ they are so enjoyable! Maybe Abigail and I will read them aloud together when school starts back up!

    Abigail has been enjoying replenishing her suet feeder and watching the birds. She recently purchased a new bird feeder as well. She was really excited the the other day when she saw a bushtit!

    May the Lord’s blessing be upon your day of homemaking at your sweet Rose Cottage!

    Blessings to you,


  14. How wonderful, you picked so many blueberries! I just love them. It’s great you are getting ready for the winter with sweet things in the freezer. You all are very smart, and I’m glad you enjoyed the day.

  15. Dear Cathy ~

    We really love blueberries here too! And I love it that they are so good for you! I really enjoy being out at the farm and picking them ~ so a fun day ~ and rewarding now to see them tucked away in the freezer!

    Thanks for your visit today ~ I hope you have a wonderful day!


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