Good busyness at home

I have lots of things to take care of today and tomorrow ~ preparations for the weekend ahead! There is:

Laundry to do

Bread to bake

Some cleaning and tidying up

Some meals to make up ahead of time

A birthday gift to buy

Grocery shopping

Banking to do

Notes to write to leave with a little treat for my husband and girls

And a suitcase to pack ~ as I am going on a little weekend trip!

I hope you all are enjoying a lovely summer day ~ I’ll visit with you again before I leave on Saturday morning!!



14 thoughts on “Good busyness at home

  1. Dear Sharon,

    Sounds like you’ve got a busy day today and tomorrow as you get ready for your little weekend trip!

    I hope you have a wonderful time during the trip :o)

  2. The buzzer just rang on my last load of laundry…I did 6 loads today…whewww!

    I would love for you to visit my blog…let me know if you want a invite 🙂

  3. Good Evening Sharon ~

    This has been a busy day for me also. I am not sure if I
    have more work to do or ~ I think I may be just a little
    slower and I find that I get sidetracked more than I use

    I wish I lived close and could help you get your list

    I cannot wait for you to share your weekend trip. I pray
    that you have a safe and wonderful trip.

    I love your picture that you shared. ~ So cute! ~

    Hugs ~

  4. Dear Dallas,

    Today was a nice quiet day here at home accomplishing some of the items on my list ~ I should be able to do a little more this evening and finish up tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow so maybe they can work on our roof too!

    Have a lovely Friday,


  5. Dear Teri,

    How sweet that you would be willing to help me accomplish the things on my list! I would welcome your help if you lived nearby ~ it would be nice to enjoy your company! I can easily get sidetracked as well!

    I do appreciate your prayers for my time away!

    I hope you enjoy a lovely evening,


  6. Dear Sharon;

    What a busy day you have! It is always like this when you are preparing for travel 🙂

    May the Lord keep you safe and may you hve a wonderful time…


  7. Dear Mari,

    I think that’s true when you are preparing for travel ~ lots to do. Hopefully I can make it easier for my husband while I’m away!

    Thank you for your sweet words!



  8. Sharon, I hope you are having a good day. 🙂 Sounds like you are being busy and productive. That’s my kind of day! 😉


  9. Sharon,
    As usual when I visit your blog I come away enlightened and happy that I took the time to drop in. Be safe on your trip. God Bless, Deborah

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