Seasonal inspiration

“There is no season such delight can bring,

As summer, autumn, winter and the spring.”

~ William Browne ~

Even though it is not officially fall ~ it always seems like it when the first of September comes around!

It will soon be time to cozy up with candles and hot chocolate or tea!

When we come to a new season I think it is such a wonderful time to evaluate, dream and plan!  So many new possibilities for the time ahead!  I have lots of projects waiting to be completed, and this cozy autumn time seems like the perfect opportunity for me to finish up these things!

Does anyone else have a burst of fresh inspiration with the changing of the seasons?


12 thoughts on “Seasonal inspiration

  1. Sharon,

    I *always* have a burst of inspiration come fall because autumn is one of my very favourite times of the year!

    I love the cooler temps at night and the usually still warm temps during the day … I enjoy baking and this time of year lends itself to *oven meals* as well as homemade soups which I love :o)


  2. Dearest Sharon,

    You make it sound so appealing…thank you…I needed this. I get a bit sad when Autumn comes, but your post has cheered me up and made me consider what projects I could start, instead of feeling melancholy!

    Have a Blessed day,
    love, Tina xxx

  3. We are doing some husband repainted my kitchen this weekend..I have fabric for new curtains to make…I re-arranged my *lovely* room….and yes..I am enjoying the season change…praying for the people affected by the hurricanes….

  4. Dear Sharon,

    Yes, inspiration has come very strong this year…

    I am so glad for that. 🙂



    ps: autumn is definetely my favorite season!

  5. Dear Dallas,

    The fall is a lovely season ~ especially when the days are still sunny and the air is crisp! September is usually a delightful month.

    There really are so many good things to enjoy and cook this time of year. My family loves homemade soup too! It makes for such a nice fall dinner!

    Have a blessed day!


  6. Dear Tina,

    I’m glad you are feeling more cheery! 🙂

    Although I think Spring has become my favorite season, Autumn has some special delights : cozy days at home, fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, lovely scented candles, cuddly blankets, pretty fall leaves…oh, and it’s the perfect time to work on all those projects!!

    Hopefully, my cozy days at home will be productive ones! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish!!



  7. Dear Deby,

    Sounds like you are doing some lovely fall homekeeping! How sweet of your husband to paint your kitchen for you! I’m sure everything looks so pretty!

    September days here are usually so nice! Enjoy!

    Blessings to you!


  8. Dear Mari,

    I am so glad to hear that your heart is filled with inspiration for this autumn season!

    I think it is such a wonderful time to slow down and really enjoy our homes and our many blessings from the Lord!

    It was a blessing to hear from you today!


  9. Dear Tammy,

    It is hard to believe it is September ~ seems like the summer has ended so quickly! I love the crisp sunny days of fall!

    Won’t be long for the pumpkins! 🙂



  10. Fall is my favorite season. We’ve had a hot spell the past few days so it doesn’t really feel like fall yet. I’ll probably wait another week before I start decorating.

  11. Dear Terri,

    It has been very sunny here but it seems very fall-like! I think it would be lovely if it stayed just like this! September is usually a very nice month but then it will start to be rainy and gray!

    We started homeschooling yesterday ~ just one student in my little school this year!

    Hope you are enjoying a lovely day,


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