A cozy home

I so want to have a home that is filled with cozy and welcoming things!  This autumn season definitely makes me think about coziness!  What is it that makes a cozy home ~ that is definitely what I want to have ~ but what exactly does that look like? I know when you say “cozy home” that might mean different things to different people but I love to gain new ideas and to be stretched in my homemaking! Here are some of the things that I think bring coziness into my own home:


Sweet scents

Afghans or quilts to cuddle up with

Good books

A fire in the fireplace on dreary days

Handmade items

Small lamps giving just a simple glow


A sense of order

It really doesn’t take too much to make me happy and cozy in my little home! But this is an area that I would like to continue growing in! What makes you think of a “cozy home”? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Blessings friends!


20 thoughts on “A cozy home

  1. Dear Sharon

    What lovely ideas1 All these things would definitely make a home feel cozy! Harmonizing colors, fresh flowers, the soft glow of candlelight, book cases, hand made things all lend a homey ambience to a room. I also like the idea of softly ticking clocks, a basket of soft yarns and knitting needles – or perhaps a tapestry frame displaying a current project. A chess table set up in an ongoing game; A comfy chair with a side table & lamp, beneath which is a favorite book and a pair of spectacles. A cat purring by the fireplace, family photographs in pretty Victorian silver frames. All these things speak domestic tranquility when thoughtfully arranged in an uncluttered room. The aroma of fresh bread baking or coffee brewing and children’s laughter also appeal to our sense of home. Most of all a home that is lived in and cherished will always feel cozy and inviting!


  2. I think a cozy home is one where guests can feel comfortable and part of the family. So I think all the things you mentioned go into that, but I also think it’s the attitude and personality of the hostess. If the hostess is frazzled and running around like a crazed chicken or uptight and worried about how clean and neat things are, the guest (or family) will not feel at ease. So attitude is a huge thing towards making a cozy home.


  3. Good Morning Sharon ~

    Such a ~ homey ~ post! Thank you for sharing! Your post brings contentment, peace, quiet and so many other things to mind. The special things that you have listed and the picture all say ~Welcome Home!~

    Thanks again for this sweet post.

    Sharon, I wanted to list the books that we had talked of.

    1. Love Come Softly
    2. Love’s Enduring Promise
    3. Love’s Long Journey
    4. Love’s Abiding Joy
    5. Love’s Unending Legacy
    6. Love’s Unfolding Dream
    7. Love Takes Wing
    8. Love Finds A Home
    9. When Calls The Heart
    10. When Comes The Spring
    11. When Breaks The Dawn
    12. When Hope Springs New

    These are called the Janette Oke Keepsake Series.
    I found the complete set while we were on our trip in Branson Mo. We found them in an antique shop. These are in hardback. They look like they have never been read.
    That is so sad if that is the case. They have certainly found a good home. I have read them before, but it has been a few years, so it will be nice to read them again.

    Simple blessing for your day!

    Hugs ~

  4. Hi Sharon, What a great post, your house looks so warm,cozy and inviting! For mine to feel homey, I love candles lit and giving off a wonderful scent, books to read or look at, my two dogs nearby and music playing in the background.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us.
    Blessings, Noreen

  5. I would have to say that I think your list and Kalianne’s pretty much sums up what I would consider a cozy home and then as Terri said, making your guests feel *at home* and *a part of the family* would be others!

    I LOVE the tick-tock and chiming of my 2 clocks in our living room ~ except when I’m sitting in there and trying to talk on the phone :o)

  6. Oh Sharon, you have painted such a picture in my mind of warmth and contentment with your lovely descriptions of coziness!

    The only thing I would add is having our dear pooch, snuggled up, snoring softly on the fireside rug!

    Have a warm and cozy evening!

    love, Tina xxx

  7. Dear Kalianne,

    You have described such a lovely scene of sights, smells and sounds for a cozy and welcoming home. I love all of these ideas. Although I don’t drink coffee myself, I just love the smell of it brewing ~ it is one of my favorite aromas and usually means we’re having company!

    Thank you for sharing all of these cozy thoughts!



  8. Dear Terri,

    I totally agree with what you have shared! All of our efforts to create a cozy home in the physical sense can easily be lost
    if we are frazzled and not really focused on enjoying our family and guests and making them feel at home.

    Thank you for sharing this! 🙂



  9. Dear Teri,

    Thank you for your sweet words! And thank you so much for sharing the book titles with us all!

    How fun that you were able to find a hardback set of them at the antique store! What a treasure for you to bring home from your trip! I’m sure you will enjoy reading them again and they will add a cozy touch to your home on a bookshelf or wherever you decide to place them.

    Have a sweet and cozy evening,


  10. Dear Tammy,

    I love bookshelves ~ I think they give a home such a cozy feel. I think they can get messy sometimes, but maybe that is just because the books are being used and loved! 🙂

    I hope you have had a cozy fall day today!

    Blessings to you,


  11. Dear Noreen,

    Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words! I love lighting candles this time of year and enjoying their glow and the wonderful scent too! And I love to have music playing in the background ~

    I think so many of us seem to enjoy alot of the same “cozy” things!

    I hope you have a cozy weekend at home!



  12. Dear Dallas,

    Lots of wonderful ideas for making our homes cozy for ourselves, our families and our guests! I’m glad Terri mentioned that about not being frazzled and running around, but being sure we concentrate on making our guests “feel at home”. That’s so important!

    A clock ticking and chiming…that’s something I don’t have… what a lovely sound…and so comforting!

    Have a blessed weekend,


  13. Dear Tina,

    You are so sweet!

    I can just picture your dear Sandy snoozing away by the fire in your cozy home! I love the pictures you have posted on your blog of your fireplace ~ very homey and cozy!

    Have a lovely Autumn weekend,


  14. Dear Deby,

    I agree with you! There is nothing like coming back home to our own little cozy place. It always welcomes us in!

    Today was a lovely fall day here ~ I hope you have enjoyed the same and that you have a blessed weekend!


  15. Dear Sharon,

    A cozy home to me… a soft lamp shining brightly while I read to my children. Hearing the wind outside while I am snuggled under a handmade quilt. The aroma of fresh baked pies or bread, while a nice stew is cooking slowly in the back of the stove…

    Things can make a house quite cozy as long as we always remember that love is the number ingredient in a cozy, happy home.

    Lots of quilts…lots of candles…good books…comfortable, plushy chairs…soft music…and a nice cup of tea 🙂



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