A little bit of country

I the country

Although I live in a suburban area, I love everything about the country!

Yesterday I was so blessed to enjoy just a little bit of country ~ Here is just a peek!

I loved the church and windmill together with the sunny blue skies…

A lovely red barn…

Sheep grazing…


And a bridge over the river in a favorite small town!

Sweet country sights to make me smile!

Whether you’re in the country or in the city ~ I hope you have a wonderful day!


12 thoughts on “A little bit of country

  1. Good Evening Sharon ~

    It looks like you had a wonderful day trip. Thank you for sharing your pictures. We enjoy taking drives through the country also.

    Thanks again for sharing and have a blessed evening!

    Hugs ~

  2. Dear Tammy,

    I really love churches and barns too! 🙂 They are some of my favorite things. We had such a nice day out enjoying the sunshine!

    I hope you have enjoyed a lovely day!! ♥



  3. Dear Teri,

    We did have a nice time out ~ and the weather was so beautiful! It wasn’t nearly as nice today so I’m so glad we had the opportunity yesterday. There are so many things to enjoy in the country ~ however it seems like new housing developments are popping up everywhere ~ some places just don’t seem like “out in the country” anymore!

    I hope you have a lovely evening! ♥



  4. Dear Terri,

    I think so too! I think of how beautiful the lights in Seattle are as you pass by at night and yes…there is something wonderful about the city as well! The Lord has blessed us with so much to enjoy. 🙂



  5. Blessings to you dear Sharon, What lovely pic’s and I can tell we are kindred spirits by our mutual love of country and back roads. Although we aren’t in the country one of my favorite things to do is drive old backroads and see quaint barns, homes and churches. Loved seeing your bright blue sky too.
    So glad you share your pics. they brighten my day.

  6. Dear Noreen,

    Thank you so much for your sweet, encouraging words! You have brightened my day with your visit. I just love traveling down the backroads too ~ enjoying all the things you mentioned. It is a blessing to find another kindred spirit! ♥

    Have a lovely day!


  7. Dear Deby,

    Thank you! ♥ I just love traveling out a ways to enjoy a little bit of country. I think it is so lovely and peaceful! But it is amazing how much it is growing up all around!

    I hope you are enjoying a sweet day! ♥



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