A trip to the falls

My husband is blessed to have a couple of extra days off ~ and so we are enjoying a nice long weekend!  We took a day trip to a lovely spot ~ the falls!  The skies were sunny and it was so beautiful ~  but a little on the chilly side!

We hiked down to the lower observation to get a different view. The trail descended quickly through the woods and it was a nice hike down.  The views from there were wonderful as well.  We had never been to this part of the park before.

The hike back up was really quite the hike!!  The quick descent made for a very steep incline going back!  We were so glad to reach the top again!

He headed into the town and enjoyed our picnic lunch there.  It is a lovely little place!

We strolled through the downtown, browsing in some of the shops.  The hardware and variety store had a little bit of everything and it was jam packed with stuff!  We stopped in the candy store and picked out some salt water taffy.  The candy store was in with a small cafe and soda fountain.  The stools at the counter made it so old-fashioned looking!

Then we went to the train station and purchased tickets to take the train on a scenic ride through the countryside to another nearby town and then back past the falls.

This is a picture of the river below the falls that I took while we were on the train!

We went back to the falls and met our daughter and son-in-law after Seth got off work, and then we visited a farm.  We enjoyed dinner with them at their home afterward so it made for a nice and complete day!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!



10 thoughts on “A trip to the falls

  1. Dear Sharon,

    This is what I call a perfect day out! The scenic walk, visit to a candy store, picnic and train ride, then dinner with family -how perfectly inspriring! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Good Afternoon Sharon ~

    ~ WOW! ~ What a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing the neat pictures. Such a sweet little town. Just so much fun to browse around. The train station and the scenic train ride sounds like fun also. The best part is spending the time with your family and being able to enjoy the day together!

    Blessings to you!

    Hugs ~

  3. Dear Teri,

    It was fun to visit the falls again since I think our kids were very small the last time we went. We had never been on the scenic train trip before. It really was a sweet little town but the main street was very busy with all the traffic from the falls. I didn’t realize it attracted so many visitors! It made for a nice day for us!

    Have a blessed day!


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