Beauty on a wet blustery day


Bill came in the door last night after work with a single stemmed rose ~ it was beautiful!  I didn’t know where he had gotten it but as soon as I smelled it ~ I knew it was a garden rose!  It smelled delightful ~ and he had found it blooming in our very own garden!

It had been so wet and blustery out and this lovely rose added such a bright spot to my day!  It really doesn’t take much to bring a little joy!

Hoping your weekend is filled with simple pleasures!


10 thoughts on “Beauty on a wet blustery day

  1. It is beautiful Sharon…and yes it was such a blustery day yesterday. I stayed in all day and wrapped Christmas gifts and did laundry….it was so nice to have the tree lights on and hear that wind blowing outside…..
    What a thoughtful husband…

    btw…I do have your giveaway gift ready to mail…I have deleted your address….kind of scatterbrained these days.

  2. Dear Dallas ~

    It was such a pleasant surprise when he came in the door! I didn’t even know it was blooming out in the back yard!

    I hope you are enjoying a blessed weekend,

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