A Winter Wonderland


It looks like a winter wonderland around here these days.  I took this picture yesterday and it snowed most of the day ~ so now it is really piled up!  I wonder if it will stay so we’ll have a white Christmas ~ that is pretty unusual for us!  How is the weather where you are?  Whatever it is, I hope that you are having a wonderful day!

Sweet blessings to you!


12 thoughts on “A Winter Wonderland

  1. Beautiful!
    It is cold and cloudy today, I can’t see the mountians which are probaly snowed in already.

    I can’t remember the last time we had a chilly Christmas and rain is in the forcast.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,
    Blessings, Patty

  2. Hi Sharon ~

    It is so pretty at your place. We are cold here and dry, but are expecting snow moving in tomorrow afternoon through Christmas Eve. So we will probably have a white Christmas.

    Simple blessings!
    Hugs ~

  3. oh my…we have it here too….and my family who live in Kitsap County really got hit hard….it makes me feel housebound…
    but it sure is lovely…Merry Christmas to you and yours….

  4. Dear Sharon, Isn’t it a beautiful sight to behold; such a blessing to enjoy. We have had snow on and off and also temp’s dipping to the negatives. A big storm is heading our way and we’ll probably have snow tonight and tomorrow-perfect weather for sewing. Blessings to you!

  5. Sharon,

    That’s exactly how it looks around our home too and more snow is forecast for the next couple of days!

    May you and your family have an especially delightful Christmas this year with your beautiful new grandson :o)


  6. Hi Patty,

    The mountains are so beautiful now. I saw the Olympic mountains the other day and they were the most majestic I have ever seen them!

    I hope you are having a blessed day and that you and your family enjoy a joyous Christmas celebration!

    Sweet blessings,

  7. Good afternoon Teri,

    The snow really is so beautiful! If only we didn’t have to go out on the roads ~ some of them are just so icy!

    A white Christmas is always very special!

    Sweet blessings on your day,

  8. Hi Deby ~

    Everything really does look lovely all covered in snow ~ and then with the Christmas lights in the evening ~ it is just so pretty!

    I hope you and your family have a most blessed Christmas too!


  9. Dear Noreen,

    Yes, it is a such a beautiful sight! It is perfect weather to stay inside where it is cozy and warm and work on such homey things like sewing! I enjoy looking outside and seeing my littlest having some sledding fun ~ it will make for special memories for her.

    Sweet blessings on your day ~ stay warm there!


  10. Dear Susan,

    I’m glad you could enjoy a little sunshine at your house after the rain. I think the rain is supposed to be coming here later this week.

    Blessings to you on this Christmas week!

  11. Hi Dallas,

    We must have the same weather ~ we have a little more snow in the forecast for tonight or tomorrow. We have about 8 1/4 inches! That is quite a bit for us!

    I hope you and your family have a most blessed Christmas too! Enjoy those special days when your daughter is here!

    Sweet blessings,

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