Using jars

pasta-jar-020 I love using glass jars for things.  Besides using them in my pantry and freezing applesauce in them ~ it is also fun to make them into small lamps!    This one I made for my husband for Christmas to have in his office.  We just recently got a shade and bulb for it so now he can actually use it!  This jar originally held pasta sauce and it is so pretty with just a little design around the top.   I filled this one with some small pinecones that we had.   I have a couple of other jar lamps at home ~ a small one that has buttons in it and a 1/2 gallon size one that holds multicolored dried corn.  There are so many other possibilities of things that could be placed in the jar to make it unique!  It was fun and easy!

Do you have any other ideas for using jars that you would like to share?

I hope you all have had a blessed weekend!


10 thoughts on “Using jars

  1. This is so unique and beautiful :o)

    You said it was *fun and EASY* … can you explain how you did it because I can’t imagine it being easy!

    We had a lovely weekend and trust you did as well.


  2. What a good idea!
    I use jars firstly to recycle for jams and pickles. Then I have buttons, sewing threads and all those little bits and pieces from my sewing room in them.
    Pretty jars are filled with guest soaps or cotton wool for the bathroom.

  3. I love this idea and could really have a seasonal one—you know, Candy Corn in the fall–etc…I will have to think, but I do have a fondness for them, that is for sure…at my new to me house, he left some blue Ball jars, and also some canning jars, I don’t can (don’t know how, afraid to try)—but I think I will find some use for them–my sister’s husband makes blackberry jam, so maybe will pass those on…love these kind of posts and hints, Sharon–thank you

  4. Hi Sharon ~

    That is such a nice gift for your husband! I also love the jar lamps. I have one in our kitchen that we put coffee beans in. Another idea that I thought I might try was using a package of the mixed dried beans. I think the colors would look nice.

    Your tag looks really nice on the lamp! You are so very creative. I love the ideas that you share!

    Hugs ~

  5. Hi Dallas ~

    On the two jars that my husband made for me ~ he used the regular jar ring and lid and then made a hole in the lid to attach the lamp part. Since this was a gift for him and I didn’t have his help ~ I went the easy way and used a canning jar lamp adapter. Mine looks a little different but here is an example for you to see:

    Hope this helps! Blessings to you,

  6. Hi Elizabeth ~

    I love saving jars to reuse and I’ve found that some of the pasta sauces can use standard size lids and rings which is nice.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas for using jars, Elizabeth!

    Blessings on your day,

  7. Thank you, Deby!

    A seasonal one is such a great idea! That would be so cute. How wonderful that you received some canning jars when you moved to your new home. The blue jars are so pretty! You should be able to find some lovely ways to use them!

    Have a wonderful day ~ do you have any snow?


  8. Hi Teri ~

    I love the idea of coffee beans in the jar ~ that is perfect for a jar lamp in the kitchen ~ and the beans would be too! Thanks so much for sharing these ideas! I love hearing them!

    Blessings to you today,

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