Homemade tortillas

homemade tortillas 008

Doesn’t it feel so good to be able to make something yourself that you would normally buy at the store?  I tried making some homemade tortillas today ~ with success!!  While not perfectly shaped ~ they were simple to make and my husband said they were the best tortillas he has had!  I do have to give him some of the credit ~ since he cooked them after I rolled them out! 🙂

They made for a yummy dinner!

Here is a recipe link: Enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Homemade tortillas

  1. They look perfect to me and I’d appreciate it if you could share the recipe as I’m guessing that it might be easy to adjust the salt in it? :o)

    Blessings to you as this week unfolds!

  2. Hi Sharon ~

    I think you did a wonderful job! They look great! Thank you for sharing! I think your husband deserves credit also. It is nice to have our husbands help in preparing meals and other chores too.

    Simple blessings for your evening!
    Hugs ~

  3. After making my own tortillas, I cannot go back to the cardboard-tasting things in the store! I make my own pita bread too. They look wonderful, Sharon.

  4. Thank you, Teri ~

    I was so happy to have my husband’s help ~ especially since this was the first time making them. It is always a blessing when Bill helps me in the kitchen.

    I hope you are enjoying a lovely day,

  5. Hi Terri ~

    I agree with you! 🙂 I have tried making pita pockets too with good results. It has been awhile though. It is rewarding to be able to making these things yourself!

    Blessings on your week,

  6. Hi Senyoshi ~

    I hope you can try making some too! I was very pleased with the results ~ and finding new ways to save on groceries is a blessing too!

    Have a lovely week,

  7. I love homemade tortillas. We made some one time for my daughter’s school project. Yours look very good! They taste so much better than store bought.

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  8. Hi Susan ~

    We did enjoy a lovely weekend ~ the weather was sunny and warm and it felt so good!

    I am really happy to have found that the tortillas can be made so easily at home ~ they were yummy!

    Blessings to you,

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