New flowers for my cottage garden

sundaymay17 007

It’s such a wonderful time of year!

Sunday afternoon Bill took me out to the garden store where I was able to buy some new flowers for my cottage garden with a gift card I received for Mother’s Day!  It is always so fun to find a few pretty new flowers to add into the garden!  These are the flowers that we picked out this year ~ all new varieties for me!  I can hardly wait to see what they look like when they are blooming!

We had such lovely weather over the weekend but now I think the rains are coming back!  Hopefully I can get out and do some planting and weeding soon!  Right now I think I have more weeds than anything else! 🙂

Blessings to you this week!


12 thoughts on “New flowers for my cottage garden

  1. Hi Sharon ~

    Don’t you just love browsing through garden shops and even better in bringing flowers home with you to plant!

    They look like they will be so pretty in your garden! I hope that your weather is nice so that you will be able to get out and get them in your garden.

    Thank you for sharing! Simple blessings for your evening!

    Hugs ~

  2. Hi Teri ~

    Good evening!

    I do love browsing in the garden shops this time of year. There are just so many pretty flowers to choose from! It has started raining now but maybe later in the week I will be able to do some planting and weeding. 🙂

    Simple blessings to you!

  3. I love this time of the year and have my whole garden put in. However, I’m glad I heeded warnings and covered the tomato & pepper plants last night, because we had a major frost!

    Your flowers are going to be beautiful, Sharon.

  4. so pretty Sharon..and yes indeed we had some great days..but they look like they are coming back…I guess we just needed a little FREE watering of our yards and gardens out here..and as I type this..I see baby squirrels frolicking on the fence…I am so enjoying springtime…even with the clouds….

  5. I’m not a gardiner, that’s my husband’s area, I still love looking at flowers and plants. Yours will be beautiful. I hope you have a lovely week.

  6. Isn’t it fun picking out flowers. I bought a couple of dahlias and petunias. But I want some more. Some are coming up from last year. Yours look like a great selection.

  7. Terri ~

    Your garden is going to be wonderful! Picking fresh produce from the garden is so rewarding! I will look forward to seeing all the good things you are growing!


  8. Hi Deby ~

    Yes ~ it looks like some nice sunny days are coming our way! Yay!! And the free watering of the garden was a good thing ~ thank you for the reminder!!

    Enjoy these lovely spring days!!

    Blessings to you,

  9. Hi Elizabeth ~

    Yes ~ I do have a bee balm! It is the first time for me ~ the lady at the checkout mentioned that one too. I’m not sure I have seen one in bloom before so I will be looking forward to it!

    Have a blessed day,

  10. Susan ~

    I’m not much of a gardener either ~ but I’m trying (He He!) 🙂 and I do love flowers!! 🙂 I will be looking forward to seeing these new flowers in bloom!

    I hope you have a lovely week too!


  11. Hi Cathy ~

    It is so much fun picking out some new flowers! I’m sure your dahlias and petunias are beautiful!! I just love seeing flowers blooming in my garden.

    Have a very sweet day!


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