Gift cards and tags

52109 014

Last night we stopped by the store on the way to church so we could pick up a last minute birthday gift…and I found these templates  ~ on clearance.

~ smile ~

The one template makes a small gift card and envelope ~ and the other one can be used to make 5 different size tags!  I enjoy making things like this so much!  I decided to purchase both…one to keep and one to share with a friend!  That makes it a double blessing for me!

Oh…the fun possibilities!

52109 006

I think I’m going to try using some of the flowers we pressed recently on one of these projects.  The flowers and leaves are ready and I think this will be the perfect place to start!

Simple pleasures to enjoy!  I hope your day is filled with some too!


6 thoughts on “Gift cards and tags

  1. Hi Sharon ~

    Such nice items to find! Don’t you just love it when you find something that will work so well for you and then it is priced right also. I love finding those kinds of bargains.

    The flowers and leaves turned out so nice. I hope that you will share your finished project!

    Thanks for sharing! Sweet blessings to you!


  2. Good evening, Teri ~

    I was so excited to find these templates since I just love making these kinds of things ~ and I am always happy to find clearance prices! 🙂

    Hopefully I will have a project to share sometime soon!


  3. Clearance items are fabulous finds!

    Because I make a lot of 3″ cards but couldn’t find envelopes to fit, my husband made me a template that is easy to use and produces lovely envelopes.

    I think using those lovely pressed flowers on some crafts will be perfect and would love to see the finished product :o)

    Blessings Sharon!

  4. Hi Dallas ~

    Yes, clearance finds are wonderful! How nice of your husband to make a template for you!! Such a blessing for your cardmaking!

    I hope you have enjoyed a delightful weekend!

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