Don’t miss the beauty in your own backyard

Oftentimes it is so easy to be out and about or even online and to see the beautiful homes and yards of others and think that is what I would like to have.  And while it can be good and inspiring for me to gather up ideas for improving things here at home ~ it seems I am always needing to work even harder at keeping a contented heart ~ one that is not always looking over at the greener grass on the other side of the fence!

Here are some things that are looking pretty and green here at home these days!

52909 004

Our snowball bush is starting to bloom!  Yay!  And while it is kind of hiding in the shadows of the neighbor’s evergreen tree ~ causing it to have only a very small amount of blooms these days ~ the flowers it does have are lovely!  The snowball is one of my all~time favorites and it saddens me to see it not blooming as much as it once did!  Hmm…this makes me wonder if sometimes I might be hiding off in the shadows and not bearing as much fruit or blooming like the Lord would intend for me…definitely something for me to ponder and pray about!

52909 008

These Sweet Williams seem to be doing quite well and the sweet thing about these is that I didn’t even plant them ~ the seeds must have blown in!  But what a blessing they will be in the garden ~ and they are a great addition to bouquets too!

52909 013

And it is so exciting to see things sprouting up in the vegetable garden.  This year we are growing 2 different kinds of lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, spinach and 1 lonely cucumber plant!  The other cucumber plants that were coming up seem to have been enjoyed already!  We might try and see if we can try some already established plants ~ and hopefully have better results ~  as cucumbers from the garden are delicious!!

What’s growing green and lovely at your place?  Our weather has been so nice and warm ~ it seems the summer time is on it’s way!

Blessings to you as a new week begins!


6 thoughts on “Don’t miss the beauty in your own backyard

  1. Your snowballs are so pretty. I love them. I have some sweet william too. Your garden looks great!

    I had some clemetis blooming, and a blue bell is getting ready to bloom. My dahlias are not doing well, something is eating them, and I need to feed them.

  2. Hi Sharon ~

    Your flowers are so pretty and your vegetable garden looks like it is doing very well! It is nice to look around our homes, yards and gardens and be content with what we have. It is nice to enjoy the simple pleasures! Thank you for sharing!

    Simple blessings to you!
    Hugs ~

  3. Everything is growing..and we too are enjoying this sunshine….as this is our first year in this home it is exciting to see what pops up

  4. Hi Cathy ~

    Your garden sounds lovely! I think the snowballs are one of the prettiest flowers. Hopefully your dahlias will turn around ~ they are a very pretty flower too. The property across the street has a little garden near the road where there are dahlias and it makes such a lovely view when they are blooming! 🙂

    Blessings to you,

  5. Hi Teri ~

    Yes ~ it is so nice to enjoy the simple pleasures and to find contentment with what we have! We spent some time working on projects here today and it gives such a sense of accomplishment. We did get a couple more cucumber plants and I also got a new rosemary plant for my herb garden.

    I hope you enjoyed a blessed day!

  6. Hi Deby ~

    Hasn’t the sunshine been so wonderful ~ and for so many days in a row! It is exciting to see everything growing and flourishing! Enjoy all the blessings and surprises in your new yard!

    Sweet blessings to you,

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