Schoolhouse treasurebox

school 006

School is almost finished for another year!  This morning Stephanie and I took Abbie for her annual SAT testing.   While she was doing her testing ~ we did some shopping!  Since we don’t go to this area on a regular basis, one of the places I like to stop at when she is doing her tests is the Children’s Hospital Thrift Store.  I found this little school house while we were treasure shopping there today.

school 012

The roof is made of two chalkboards tied together with twine!  I thought it was adorable to have in our den where Abbie does her schoolwork.  The roof is a separate piece that is removable and the little school becomes a storage box.  I decided I would use it as my treasure box ~ I think it looks like the perfect place to hide away some little treasures for gift giving.  It looks like someone possibly made this and hand painted it ~ what a fun project it would make!

Sweet blessings on your day!


8 thoughts on “Schoolhouse treasurebox

  1. Hi Sharon ~

    Such a special treasure that you found on your outing today!

    Sweet blessings!
    Hugs ~

  2. Hi Kalianne ~

    It is fun when you can find a special treasure. I really try and limit the new things I bring into my home but I thought this was so cute and would be useful too.

    Thanks for the wishes for Abbie’s SAT test ~ she thinks she did well ~ we should get the results in the mail soon.

    Have a blessed day!

  3. Hi Dallas ~

    I agree! It’s usually the little things like this that make me smile! 🙂

    I hope you are enjoying a lovely day! And blessings to you for the weekend!


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