Sunny days and an outdoor line…

on the line 004

…especially welcome when the dryer stops working!

A blessing indeed!  What is something that has been a blessing to you today?


6 thoughts on “Sunny days and an outdoor line…

  1. Hi Sharon ~

    Your laundry will smell so fresh when you bring it in off of the clothesline!

    My husband has been a blessing to me today! He has puttered around our home and has been able to do a few little things that needed tending too. We were able to enjoy a cup of coffee and apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream this evening! We have enjoyed relaxing for a while on our front porch!

    I feel very blessed to have shared some special online time with you today! ~ Such a special blessing!!

    Simple blessings to you!
    Hugs ~

  2. Welllll….since today is Friday..I think the blessing is going to be that it will be a bit COOLER today….which I a good thing for me..over 75 degrees..and I wilt and can be cranky…a bit..

  3. Hi Teri ~

    Our towels were a little more crunchy than normal (He He!) but I so enjoy being able to hang things out to dry. And with the warm weather we’ve been having, it didn’t take too long for them to dry! Bill got the part for our dryer and he was able to fix it when he came home from work. 🙂

    It sounds like you enjoyed a blessed day with your husband. I wish I could have stopped over for some of your pie and ice cream ~ it sounds yummy!

    It was a blessing for me to visit with you too!

    I hope you have had a lovely day!

  4. Dear Deby ~

    Yes, the cooler weather does feel good today! While it wasn’t bright and sunny out this morning when we went on our walk ~ the coolness in the air felt good. When the temperatures get up into the 80’s ~ it is a little warm for me! Sunny and in the 70’s is perfect. 🙂

    Have a sweet and simple day ~ and blessings for the weekend!

  5. All my washing is drying indoors today as it is pouring with rain! But I know how much the roses need the rain today so I can be thankful for that!

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