Blueberry picking

It’s blueberry time again!!

blueberry picking 007

Here is Benjamin enjoying his own little spot in the shade!

blueberry picking 014Bill & I and Stephanie & Abbie picked a little over 16 1/2 pounds of berries yesterday.   It was fun to have our daughter-in-law, Jennifer, as well as Annaleah and Benjamin along with us.  We came home and prepared most of the berries for the freezer ~ saved some out to have fresh with dinner ~ and then Bill helped me make a blueberry pie ~ YUM!  Since my family loves blueberries ~ we are going to try and make another trip out to the farm to pick some more!  It always feels so good to have a supply of blueberries for the winter ~ one of my simple pleasures of homemaking!

“The little house was fairly bursting with good food stored away for the long winter.”

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I hope your week is blessed with some simple pleasures


11 thoughts on “Blueberry picking

  1. Benjamin is adorable! Sounds like you all had a wonderful day…blueberry pie…mmmm! I love eating blueberries as they are, but they are expensive over here, so a very rare treat! 🙂

  2. I have to get out and go berry picking before it’s too late. We’ve been so distracted by all that is happening here that I haven’t had a chance to.

    Benjamin is a cutey!

  3. Benjamin was probably thinking, Yes!, all the blueberries I want, and I didn’t have to do a thing but sit here and look cute!

  4. Hi Deby ~

    We ventured out in the heat yesterday and picked some more blueberries ~ fresh berries are just so good!

    Tomorrow they say it is going to be 101 degrees!
    Stay cool!


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