A new use for a lonely saucer

saucer 007This was one of the first cup and saucer sets that I received and I loved the color and  pattern.  The cup was broken a number of years ago, and although I still have the saucer, I didn’t really have any use for it.  The other day I had a little time out and enjoyed browsing at an antique shop.   I was really excited about an idea I saw that would be a lovely use for a saucer with no teacup!

I stopped in at a thrift shop and found a glass candle holder to use to make the base of a little candy dish!

saucer 012

I glued the two pieces together with some china and glass cement and now I just have to wait for it to dry completely!  I am so glad now that I didn’t throw the saucer away and can enjoy it once again!

Sunday blessings to you!


13 thoughts on “A new use for a lonely saucer

  1. Hi Sharon! VERY pretty! You are a smarty! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a sweet little “you-ish” comment! I appreciate you! xopp

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