Using my tea trays

Bill and Abbie and I have been enjoying watching some old episodes of “Leave It To Beaver”.  One of the things I have observed is how they use cups and saucers for their coffee ~ and how June will often bring in a tray with their evening coffee for them to enjoy together.  And at the beginning of some episodes, she is shown in the doorway holding a tray with a glass pitcher and glasses bringing refreshment to her family who are working in the yard.

Being inspired ~ My tea trays have come down off the wall on several occasions and been put into use!

tea tray 027

This is the thrift shop tray that I fixed up earlier this year ~ this one is fun to use with our china cups and saucers and tea or hot chocolate.  Here we are enjoying some hot vanilla milk!

august 31 032Our son and daughter-in-law gave me this pretty English tea tray for Christmas and it hangs on a wall in our kitchen.  I thought it went so well with these vintage style glasses that I purchased a few years ago.  It makes a perfect summertime serving tray!  Yesterday we enjoyed some fruit smoothies.  We found a box of discounted fruit for $2 at the fruit stand and it has been just right to use for this summertime treat!

I am so happy to not only be able to enjoy my tea trays as decorations on the wall ~ but to be able to put them to practical use as well!

How fun it is to be able to use some pretty things to serve up a little refreshment to my family!

Sweet joys to you!


19 thoughts on “Using my tea trays

  1. Hi Sharon ~

    Such a lovely idea to share with your family! Everything looks so pretty!

    Simple blessings!
    Hugs ~

  2. Your teacups and trays are lovely and you’ve put them to good use!

    I remember the same things about June Cleaver and haven’t seen that show for about 40+ years!!!


  3. Hi Gretchen ~

    It’s so nice that you could visit!

    While I don’t have a real recipe for the vanilla milk ~ I’d be happy to share what I usually do: For each cup of milk (approximately) I add about 1/2 tsp. vanilla and 1 Tablespoon evaporated cane juice. I usually whip it all together with a wire whip until frothy ~ heat to desired temp. & serve! It is good with whipped cream on top too!

    Hope you can come back & visit again!


  4. Now I see that I was confused, looking at the fruit smoothies and thinking it was vanilla milk–couldn’t figure out why it was so brown and speckled. Duh! I used to make something like your recipe for my children.
    Thanks for straightening me out!

  5. Hi Susan ~

    It has been fun to use some of the things I have been given through the years. It helps to make every day special!

    I hope your nephew and his wife are continuing to do well!

    Have a blessed weekend,

  6. Such pretty tea trays. I have started picking up biscuit tins; they have such beautiful designs on them! Oh, I liked your idea of the saucer and candle holder! I need to do that with a plate that had the bottom broken off. great idea!!

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