An unexpected treat

breakfast 005

When I got up this morning ~ Stephanie was making breakfast for us!  I thought that was so sweet. Bill is on vacation today and tomorrow so this was a little break from the ordinary for me too!  How nice to just sit down to breakfast!

Oh, isn’t it the simplest things that make your day special and bring a smile?

We are enjoying the loveliest fall weather here in the Pacific Northwest ~ perfect for a little vacation time exploring some nearby areas!

Whatever you have planned for today ~ I hope you have a day filled with simple pleasures!


10 thoughts on “An unexpected treat

  1. Hello Sharon ~

    How sweet of Stephanie to prepare breakfast! It is the “little” things that make special memories for our families! It is also nice that you have a couple of vacation days and that your weather is perfect for that. Sweet pleasures and simple blessings for your family time.


  2. That is one of the sweetest and simplest things for a homemaker, indeed, to sit down to a meal one didn’t cook, in one’s own home. (sigh) Thank God, yes, for these little goodnesses.

  3. How nice, your table looks very pretty. Are those blueberries? I love them. Glad you are enjoying the lovely weather too. Blessings ~

  4. Thank you! I hope you have a peaceful weekend and some sweet and true conversations. Your post provided a nice “good morning” for my heart today.

  5. Hi Teri ~

    It really was a lovely surprise! Our vacation days turned out to be nice ones ~ it’s good to have a little change of pace now and then!

    Blessings for your weekend!

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