A market bouquet

market bouquet 019

There was a knock at our door this afternoon ~ and when Bill went to answer it, our neighbor was on the porch with this lovely bouquet!

They had been to the Pike Place Market in Seattle and thought of us ~ just wanting to say “Happy Fall”!  It was a very unexpected surprise and I thought it was just so sweet!

market bouquet 030

Don’t you think that flowers always add such a touch of cheeriness to the home?

A special kindness like this encourages me all the more to be someone who spreads a little happiness around!

I hope your weekend is filled with simple delights!!

Blessings to you!


21 thoughts on “A market bouquet

  1. What a thoughtful gesture on the part of your neighbours!

    Enjoy that lovely bouquet and YES! I most certainly agree that flowers of any kind always brighten up a home :o)

  2. Hi Dallas ~

    I really felt so blessed by this kind gesture! It is a rare treat for me to have a bouquet this large…but I also thoroughly enjoy just a single flower in a simple vase. Flowers bring such joy and add such a nice touch in the home.

    I hope you are enjoying a blessed weekend!

  3. Hi Sharon ~

    Such a pretty bouquet! Such a nice surprise! Thank you for sharing your special “Fall Bouquet.”

    Blessings for your Sunday!
    Hugs ~

  4. Hi Teri ~

    Good evening to you!

    I always admire the flower bouquets that they sell when the local Saturday market is going on ~ but I have never purchased one. I am so delighted with the beauty of this unexpected gift.

    I hope your Sunday is filled with simple blessings!


  5. SO big and PRETTY! I love sunflowers! Ours are gone now. We had our first dose of snow today!
    The fire in the fireplace smells good, though!
    I agree, flowers make me want to clean. I should buy them more often!

  6. Hi Pom Pom ~

    I love sunflowers too! It sounds chilly at your house! We don’t have snow ~ but we have a fire in our woodstove ~ making it nice and cozy and the flowers add some extra cheeriness. Too cute about the flowers and cleaning! 🙂

    Sunday blessings!

  7. Hi there, Autumn blessings to you this day. I love the flowers and a new friend of mine was just at this market while she was traveling to WA. What a thoughtful neighbor-but I know you are just the same.
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. Hi Noreen!

    Autumn blessings to you too! This is such a lovely time of year!
    The flowers have brightened up my home so much ~ I was really blessed by
    this thoughtful gift!

    I hope your week is filled with many sweet blessings!


  9. Now that is a nice neighbor! We tend to forget sometimes that it is just the simple things that can be more fulfilling to us than anything else!

  10. hello sis sharon, how are you and your good household?
    Blessed as always i presume in God’s name.
    I was speechless seeing the bouquet of sunflowers etc, they are awesome.
    thanks for sharing the post and Happy Fall!

  11. Hello sweet friend!

    We are doing well here ~ how have you been?

    I enjoyed the beautiful flowers so much and felt so blessed to be the recipient of such a lovely gift!

    Happy Fall to you too! I am always delighted to have a visit from you!

    Many blessings,

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