My thrifty journal

journal 008

I have been thinking about getting a new journal for awhile.  When I was inspired to write down some thoughts this morning, I thought of the collage notebook Abbie had made for herself.  So, following her idea, I got out one of the inexpensive spiral notebooks that I had purchased when school supplies were on sale, took out some pictures that I had saved from a magazine, and Abbie made a new journal for me as well!  I am so happy with it!  It is just so cheerful ~ and will be the perfect place for me to jot down my thoughts and scriptures I want to ponder! It is a blessing ~ creativity for her, and a pretty new journal for me ~ with no extra money spent!

Have you worked on any thrifty projects lately?

I hope you are enjoying a blessed day!



7 thoughts on “My thrifty journal

  1. Hi Sharon ~

    We must be thinking along the same line. On October 1st…I started my journal. I had a pretty journal that I have had for quite sometime. I thought it would be nice to just write a bit about each day and then I have been adding little pictures, cute sayings, special Bible verses and some ~homey~ thoughts. It has been fun.

    I am sure you will have as much fun with yours as I have had with mine.

    Thank you for sharing! Simple blessings to you!


  2. I bought a couple of notebooks like that for 14 cents each and hadn’t thought of covering the front …

    I’ve been using ring-bound journal sized books from the Dollar store and have thoroughly enjoyed writing favourite Scripture verses that speak to me as I read each day, plans and thoughts of things as they happen, etc. since last year and I’m so used to it now and enjoy it that I REALLY MISS it when something comes up that I’m not able to write in it :o)

  3. Hello Sharon, What a great idea for a journal-tailored to each person, so unique and creative! Loved the pictures of the fall in your area-I certainly miss the colors-especially the reds and purples. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs and blessings to you.

  4. Hello Sharon, This is a lovely idea for an inexpensive journal. My daughter makes these for herself all the time and each one is unique and pretty. I love the pictures you have chosen.

    With love, Tina xx

  5. Hi Ladies ~

    Thanks so much for your journal comments…I love hearing from each of you! I think it is so fun to be able to take something so simple and inexpensive and make it pretty!

    Blessings to each of you this week!

  6. Hello Tina ~

    What a blessing to hear from you!♥ It really is neat that each journal you make can be unique! The notebooks are so inexpensive when the school supplies are on sale ~ I think I should have purchased a few more!

    Hugs to you,

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