Pumpkin dinner rolls

pumpkin dinner rolls 008

Does anyone else see wonderful recipes online or in other places and then add piles and piles of papers into a spot in the kitchen?  Well, that is what I have done, but I am on a mission here now 🙂 ~ I have cleaned up my recipe drawer and I have sorted through all the recipes on loose papers ~ keeping only those that I think I will realistically make!  My goal is to actually try the recipes out and see which ones are keepers.  If it is ~ then I can transfer it onto a recipe card.  I’m happy to say that I now only have 11 of those recipes left!  Today I wrote some recipes onto cards, and I actually tried a new recipe that I had printed off the computer about a year and a half ago!  I kept the recipe because I thought the rolls sounded good ~ and they are!  I think it is the perfect recipe for the upcoming holidays.  The recipe makes 4 dozen rolls so I only made a fourth of the recipe to try them out.

The recipe is for Pumpkin Dinner Rolls and can be found here!  Tammy really does have some delicious recipes!  We had the pumpkin rolls with potato soup ~ another one of my favorite recipes from her site.

It was a delicious dinner for a very wet and rainy evening!

Have you tried any new and delicious recipes lately?

Weekend blessings to you!


13 thoughts on “Pumpkin dinner rolls

  1. Hi Sharon ~

    Your Pumpkin Dinner Rolls look so good! I love your Fall display…it is so cute! So simple and so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

    Weekend blessings!

  2. Those sound delicious and I have that same exact pewter plate. 🙂 I tried out pumpkin soup this week (recipe is on the blog). I need to try some new ones because I think I’m in a rut.

  3. Hi again Sharon ~

    I too, have the same pewter plate! It seems we all share many of the same “simple” ideas in our homes. I just wanted to mention this after I read Terri’s comment!

    Hugs ~

  4. i’ve been asked to make dinner for the family and have no clue what to make. HELP??!! i want to do something with vegetables or fish, no meat, i can look up the recipe but any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Hi Pom Pom ~

    I know I go through times where I don’t really try any new recipes. Now that I am trying to get my recipe drawer in order ~ I have some incentive to try the ones that I have collected but never made! 🙂

    Let us know if you make something from one of your new cookbooks!

    I hope you are enjoying some sunshine!

  6. Hi Terri ~

    The dinner rolls really were delicious and easy ~ I have made them a second time and they didn’t last long!

    I’ll have to give your pumpkin soup recipe a try ~ you have the best recipes!

    Blessings on your week!

  7. I’m going to check out the Salmon Potato Casserole you referred to as I have 2 lovely pieces of frozen salmon fillets that are yummy.

    Your autumn display is lovely and those dinner rolls are likely very yummy but my husband is not overly fond of pumpkin as a flavour :o(

    I was getting tired of tasting fluffy, spongy cake made from store-bought mixes so yesterday I experimented with a new recipe for a 1-egg from scratch cake. I was almost *afraid* to try it but was surprised at how tasty it was :o)

    Far better eating a cake with some substance to it with a blimp of icing on the top than what I had been doing before … that’s just my opinion, mind you as many people love cake mix cakes!

    Blessings …

  8. Hi Dallas ~

    Salmon is so yummy! I haven’t tried the recipe for the Salmon Potato Casserole but I thought it looked good!

    The pumpkin dinner rolls do have a very mellow pumpkin flavor ~ so your husband probably would not care for them if he’s not fond of pumpkin flavor.

    Good job on making a cake from scratch! I think it is so rewarding to be able to make things myself if possible instead of using a mix!

    I hope your weekend is filled with blessings,

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