Trying leeks for the first time

leeks 014I tried using some leeks in a recipe for the first time today!

The recipe was for Lentil Barley Stew ~ a recipe I found in An Encouraging Word magazine.

leeks 019It was chock full of delicious vegetables along with the lentils and barley.  There were only three of us home for dinner tonight ~ but both Bill and Abbie agreed that the recipe was a keeper!

Along with some homemade oatmeal dinner rolls ~ I think it made a nutritious fall meal!

I hope you all have enjoyed a blessed Saturday.  It is very wet and rainy here but we are enjoying the evening at home with a cozy fire ~ such a sweet and simple pleasure!

Have a blessed Lord’s Day!


5 thoughts on “Trying leeks for the first time

  1. Yum, That sounds like something I would really like. So is that what leeks are. We always called them spring onions I believe. I recently bought some at Whole Foods for my salads. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. I’ve never used leeks either …

    I made 2 slow cookers’ full of homemade beef-veggie soup yesterday and it was not only delicious but warmed our tummies :o)

    Enough for supper, a couple of lunches and extra to give away to someone else to enjoy …

    Blessings Sharon to you and yours!

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