Hurray for glass jars in the pantry

glass jars 005

I now know from experience that an oil leak in my kitchen pantry is not a good thing!

I had a decanter with oil in it located in the back of my pantry ~ and somehow it broke!  Just as I was working on a baking project ~ I found pantry items sitting in olive oil!  Not only was there oil on the shelf the decanter was on ~ but oil had seeped down the side of my pantry and onto the next shelf and then the floor.  What a mess ~ especially for things that were in paper or cardboard boxes!  😮

I will say that I was so happy for the things that were in bottles, or that I had put into jars!  This was a big encouragement to me to transfer as many items as I can to glass jars ~ rather than leaving things in the packaging they come in from the store!

I guess some further pantry organization is in order here! How about you ~ do you transfer your items to different containers when you bring them home from the store?

Happy November to you!  It’s hard to believe that it is November already ~ and Christmas will be here before we know it!!!  Is anyone working on Christmas plans?



10 thoughts on “Hurray for glass jars in the pantry

  1. I’m sorry about the mess, Sharon. I transfer all the beans, rice, and things like that into glass or plastic containers. It just makes it easier than having a bazillion bags of things sliding all over the place.

  2. I hadn’t thought of the practical side of storing everything in glass jars…I just thought people did it so it looked good! Hmmm, makes me think even more about my storage situation. Thank you for this post!

    Love, Poppy x

  3. Hi Sharon ~

    I too, like to store in glass jars and glass containers. I think they look so nice that way…but I also think the items stay fresher. I am sorry to hear about your pantry mishap. It seems like every so often things just seem to happen…making us thankful for all of the times that everything is going smoothly.

    It is hard to believe that it is already November and that the holidays are upon us. I have been working on some Christmas plans…in hopes of not having so many things to do at the last minute. I want our Thanksgiving and Christmas to be simple and back to the reason that we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Simple blessings!
    Hugs ~

  4. I don’t have a pantry. It’s VERY sad! I’ve thought about getting a kitchen dresser to house some of my pantry items . . . I should.
    I love the candles of Christmas. I want to enjoy the light, the music, the mugs of tasty drinks, red ribbons . . .

  5. I don’t transfer things, but that is a very good idea. I have heard some people talking about Christmas cards already. And I noticed someone posted how many days to go until Christmas. I haven’t done a thing. Blessings ~

  6. I try to transfer all the things I buy, for general reasons but specifically because here in the south of France we have a horrible little moth which lays its eggs on powders and starch-based products (i.e. nearly everything). The grubs can get inside packets with secure clips etc and, sadly, they can also get into my new plastic storage containers, which I was pretty sure would be safe… I think the containers are better than leaving things in the packets, though…

  7. I have been trying to put things in jars or tightly sealed containers ever since one year we had a bug invasion! Last week I purchased some oatmeal from the store, opened it up, and there were bugs inside! Made me sooo mad. These days it is a good idea to do what you are doing.

  8. I put my stuff into glass jars and tupperware – but somehow there is always slightly too much – so I have to random bags of flour and sugar lurking about with only a few ounces in each.
    Sorry about your oil mishap.
    I had flour weevils once, they were HORRID and I had to throw everything in packets away. [so I went over to using glass jars!]
    blessings x

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