A completed project ~ yay!:)

I thought this was such a great handmade gift idea when I saw it posted on The Homespun Heart!  I am a little intimidated to try and make things without a printed out pattern, but I decided to give it a try.  The original instructions are graciously offered here.  I made mine without the binding ~ an alternative that Monica showed on her site, and it really was simple and enjoyable to make!

This one is a gift for my mom for Christmas.  She really doesn’t have a lot of room in her little cabin, and so I am always on the lookout for gifts that are useful.  In the first pouch I put in some thank you notes, in the middle one I added some photo notecards that I made, and then I put in some stamps so she would have everything she needs to send a note!  Maybe I will add a pen in too, if it works in the pouch with the stamps.

Thank you to Monica at The Homespun Heart and Soule Mama for the inspiration!

What a joy it is to be able to cross a project off of your “to do” list!!


16 thoughts on “A completed project ~ yay!:)

  1. Good Morning Sharon ~

    Such a sweet gift for your mom! I know she will love it. Thank you for sharing…such sweet homemade gifts!


  2. Good morning Teri!

    I always enjoy making at least some handmade gifts for Christmas as it seems so old~fashioned and simple. I hope my mom likes it!

    I hope you have a blessed day!


  3. Now that is a very pretty gift Sharon! I’m sure your Mom will love receiving something so beautifully handmade by you, and so useful too!

    (be careful about putting a pen inside, in case it leaks ink) xx

    Love, Tina xx

  4. Wow, you are so crafty. I love that. It would be so handy too and cute.

    Sure hope your having a wonderful Christmas season!

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