Pretty possibilities

I got this little rubber stamp set and this lovely rainbow stack of card sized cardstock for Christmas and they are just waiting for me to get busy!  Oh…the possibilities for card making!  The cardstock didn’t come with any envelopes and so my sweet husband took the time to make up an envelope template on the computer that works perfectly.  All I have to do is print an envelope pattern when I need it, cut it out, and put it together ~ how fun!

The Lord has been encouraging my heart so much lately in the area of really caring about the needs of others and being a blessing ~ and I think sending cards is such a wonderful way of sharing His love & care.  I know it means so much to me when someone takes the time to encourage me in this way.

A lady from the church sent these pretty notecards home with Bill for me.  There is no room for excuses with these ~ because they are already made and ready to send! 🙂  I think it was very neat how the Lord works because this lady doesn’t even know that sending out more cards is something that the Lord has been speaking to me about.  It is such a blessing to see His hand at work!

I am so excited to have such pretty supplies to work with and send!

Blessings to you,



16 thoughts on “Pretty possibilities

  1. love your post. I have just done a post of some new cards I have been making. I truly think it’s a blessing when a card comes through the letterbox.

  2. I’ve started trying to do more of that too, Sharon. I find that it’s a way to connect with people from our church and encourage them while still allowing me to focus on my home.

  3. Hi lovely Sharon! Stamps are SO fun! I have a basket of them at school, and the big kids still love to mess around, stamping their papers (and arms). Cards. You are SO right – they are such a kind gesture. We don’t get enough nice mail, do we? Your husband gets a gold star for taking care of the envelopes! Have a wonderful day, friend!

  4. Good Morning Sharon ~

    It is just so fun to see all those cute stamps and all of the colorful paper…and your husband making the envelope template. I love the little notecards that your friend gave to you. How sweet! It looks like you will be having fun in the days ahead! Thank you for sharing!

    Simple blessings for your day!

    Hugs ~

  5. Hi Sharon,
    It looks like you have plenty of cardstock and stamps to keep you busy! How fun!

    The notecards are very pretty. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Sharon,

    What blessings are in store for dear ones when you send them a lovely card … whether created from your own hand and imagination or one of these lovely ones given to you by a friend :o)

    Post pictures of the ones you make with these wonderful supplies!

  7. Hi Sharon, I have not visited your blog in a while and I don’t know why. Each time I come, I never want to leave – it’s just so peaceful!

    Love the coloured paper and stamps – I really enjoy working with paper though I have not done that much in recent times. Please let us see when you finally do make the cards.


  8. Sharon you will have such fun making cards from those lovely papers. It isnt something that I have succeeded at, though I have tried! It is lovely to receive cards.

  9. Hi Pom Pom!

    Stamps are fun! I used them many years ago and have got back to it again within the last several years. While I love stickers, I am really enjoying stamps because I can use them over and over again!

    The Lord is encouraging me to send more cards out ~ I am always so encouraged when something comes in the mail to me!

    Yes ~ I’ll give my husband a gold star for the envelope pattern!

    Blessing to you sweet friend,

  10. Hi Teri ~

    It really is fun to get some new supplies for cards ~ all the pretty colored papers makes me smile! I think I just need to get busy now!

    I hope you are enjoying a blessed weekend!


  11. Hi Susan ~

    Yes, I think these cards will keep me busy for awhile ~ but it should be a good busyness! 🙂 I just love all the pretty colors and I noticed that some of the cards are textured too ~ so that is neat!

    Have a great weekend!

    Sweet blessings to you,

  12. Hi Dallas ~

    I don’t have any cards to post yet ~ but it will be fun to put these supplies to use! It is my desire that the Lord will use the cards to be a blessing to others.

    Weekend blessings to you!

  13. Hi Sharon ~

    I am so glad that you could stop by again! It is a blessing to see you!♥ And thank you so much for your sweet encouragement!

    Hopefully I will have some cards to post soon ~ I must get busy! 🙂

    Sweet blessings to you,

  14. Hi Elizabeth ~

    Yes ~ so many possibilities await with all this colorful paper! It’s such a pretty stack of cardstock! It should keep me busy for awhile! 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!


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