Our homeschool field trip

We took a little field trip on Thursday to a marsh near the beach to do some birdwatching.

We saw some bald eagles and this little hummingbird sitting on top of an evergreen tree!

Since we were so near the beach ~ we decided to spend a little time there too!

Our birdwatcher!

We didn’t know there were penguins on our beaches here ~ SMILE 🙂

My sweetman!

Mt. Baker was oh…so bright and beautiful in the distance!

I am always so inspired by the beauty of the water and the mountains!

The beach was such a place of peace and serenity ~ what a blessing in the middle of the day!!

Thanks for sharing in our “out and about” trip!

Weekend blessings to you!


6 thoughts on “Our homeschool field trip

  1. I love it! The ferry in the distance, too! I love your beach and I miss it very much. I will be in Washington in the summertime so I can soak up those lovely views!

  2. Oh, those are beautiful pictures! And that penguin is so cute. How wonderful to be able to go to the beach. Weather is bad here. Can’t wait til spring. Blessings ~

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love the beach however, I live pretty far away from any beach, therefore, have only been a couple of times in my life. My two youngest girls have never been. Maybe someday. We have some bald eagles here on the farm. It is always exciting to see them. There is a couple of pictures I posted on the blog, pretty far back though. Maybe in the fall. The snow has stopped here. Finally! About 20-22″ on the ground. It is certainly is beautiful. Enjoy your day. God Bless.

  4. Hi Sharon ~

    Thank you for sharing! This makes me look forward to warmer days! It is a wintry day here! Blessings for your Sunday!

    Hugs ~

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