Simple blessings

The other day a lady from church called me saying she was trying to trim down some things she had stored in her garage, and since she had been to our home and felt we had similar tastes in decorating ~ she thought maybe I would like to have some of the items that she was no longer using.  Last night she sent all the things she had gathered up home from church with Bill and what fun it was to go do a little treasure shopping at home!  I thought it was so nice of her to think of me and today I have been enjoying doing a little homemaking, and adding a little coziness & sweet touches to our home!  I just love signs and the one above was one of the things she included!

A sweet little teapot with two cups & saucers

Butter dish, sugar dispenser and salt & pepper shakers

An apple garland

A set of country plates

An adorable rustic stick bench

Pink depression era creamer and sugar with tray

I think the tray would make such a pretty candy or serving dish!

And an assortment of rustic kitchen treasures!

There were more things included but these are some of my favorites!  What a blessing to receive such sweet treasures!


Hope you are enjoying a blessed day!



20 thoughts on “Simple blessings

  1. Sharon~ Oh…so fun! I love your treasures! It sure is a “simple blessing”…how sweet of the lady from your church to think of you! I am sure today was such a special day for you…playing house and finding little spaces for all of your treasures! Blessings! Teri♥

  2. How lucky you are to have such a generous friend. I love the teapot… it is so cute. The pink glassware is lovely too, perfect for tea time!

  3. SO cute! Did you go to my mom’s house? I love all that good, homey stuff! I have a sign like your new one that says OLD DOLLS. I wonder where it is . . .

  4. What wonderful treasurers! I especially like the tea set, the garland and the bench. Sometimes the best treasurers are ones that no one else wants. 🙂

  5. Hi Sharon,
    What a lovely thing for your friend to do! You received some nice things. I love the teapot, and pink depression era glassware….so pretty! Enjoy your new treasures.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. What beautiful treasures. I love old things! I have a sign that says “The best antique is an old friend.” I think your friend from church must love you a lot to share her treasures with you. Take care and God bless.

  7. Hi Terri ~

    There were so many nice treasures. I think she said that they had lived in this house for 5 years and these things were still in the garage! It was definitely a blessing to me!

    Have a sweet & blessed weekend!♥

  8. Hi Susan ~

    I, too, thought it was so sweet of her to do! I’m sure I will enjoy these blessings and they will remind me of her & her generosity!

    Have a lovely weekend!♥

  9. Hi Donna ~

    I, too, just love old things or things that have a country look! Your sign sounds very sweet too! Signs are such a favorite of mine.

    Sweet weekend blessings to you♥

  10. What a thoughtful and generous gesture on her part and what wonderful new treasures to add to your home :o)

  11. Wasn’t that sweet of your friend! I love the colonial style decorations and the pink antiques are so pretty. Blessings ~

  12. I really like the green butter dish. Your post reminds me of a Spring exchange I had last year with a few friends. We brought things to the exchange that we were not using but felt were too precious to give to just anybody. So we exchanged them with each other. It worked really well. Have a nice day. Linda

  13. Hi Linda ~

    I really liked the butter dish too! Your Spring exchange sounds like a wonderful idea! It is so nice to know that your treasures were going to friends who could enjoy them!

    Sweet blessings on your day!

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