Prairie Days

“Birds sang in the leafing hazel bushes

along the crooked rail fence.  The grass grew green

again and the woods were full of wild flowers.

Buttercups and violets, thimble flowers and tiny starry

grassflowers were everywhere.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder


Prairie dresses and bonnets…tin pails…rag dolls…wagons…homemade bow and arrows ~ playing pioneer days has been a favorite past-time around our home throughout the years.

How fun to have another one that’s old enough to join in on some prairie adventures!

I hope you’re enjoying a weekend filled with some old~fashioned simplicity!

Blessings to you!



6 thoughts on “Prairie Days

  1. Sharon ~ So absolutely sweet! He is as cute as can be! Thank you so much for sharing this bit of simplicity! Sunday blessings to you! Teri

  2. Hi Teri ~

    I love all the prairie day fun my kids have had. And it is so fun to add little Benjamin in too!

    I hope you are enjoying a sweet & blessed day! Hugs to you!


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