Just so you know…

I have been feeling the need to spend less time on the computer and so I have decided to limit my blog activities for the rest of this month so that I can have more time to ponder, pray, and be productive in my home.

Special blessings to each of you who are so sweet to spend time visiting with me!

May the Lord bless you while I am away!



10 thoughts on “Just so you know…

  1. the beauty of blogging….I have been so silent for the past year but hope to start it up again…yes…indeed I think that is the beauty of it…you do what you have to do…

  2. I know you’re away for a bit, but I loooove the picture of the bench with your Bible & notebook so much, I come by and look at it every so often!

  3. Hello Sharon, I have finally found you again! I have been visiting all my old bloggy friends and enjoying it so much! I’m blogging again, and enjoying ‘meeting’ with friends every day.

    God bless you as you take time out.

    Love, Tina x

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