Small beginnings

It has long been a desire of my heart to have a place specifically for a little cutting garden.  We had an area in our yard with an old storage shed and I knew that as soon as the shed was removed ~ it would be the perfect place for a little garden ~ a place where I could grow some flowers to bring in for bouquets and for giving away to be a blessing to others.  It seems that for so long I have been looking forward to seeing this become a reality! If only you could have seen what we had to do over the last several weeks to get to this point!  It wasn’t very pretty ~ so I will spare you! 🙂  It’s nothing fancy ~ yet I am so excited to see the progress that has been made!  It ended up being a 10 foot by 10 foot space, not too big, but I think it will be wonderful for the purpose I have for it.  I was even able to make use of some concrete blocks that were underneath the old shed to make a little pathway to make it easier to weed! 🙂   What joy it brings to see our hopes and dreams fulfilled!

Thank you, Lord, for your goodness ~ & to my sweet man for all his very hard work to bless me!

Now the fun part comes ~ planning out what I want to grow!  I know this is really a project for the upcoming spring but I may just have to find a little something to plant so I can feel like I really have a start!

If you have know of any flowers that would be good for cutting bouquets ~ I would love if you would share your favorites!

Sunday blessings to each of you ~

May the Lord’s blessings rest upon you in the week ahead!



8 thoughts on “Small beginnings

  1. That is an awesome piece of ground! I’m not really that knowledgeable about flowers for cuttings, but I have had success using black-eye susans or echinacea (purple cone flowers).

  2. Hi Sharon!
    I like zinnias! They have hardy stems and come in many bright colors. Cosmos are always prolific and delicate. Sweet peas do well if you plant the seeds on Presidents Day. You’ll LOVE your little garden!

  3. Oh…so many choices! Thank you Pom Pom for your wonderful ideas! I’m really do think I will enjoy my little garden ~ I think having to wait for it as well as all the love and work that has gone into it will cause me to cherish it all the more!

    Sweet blessings on your week at school!

  4. Hi Sharon,
    How wonderful to have a place to grow your flowers! I’m not a gardener, so I can’t give you any suggestions…though I do hope you will enjoy your time in your garden! 🙂

  5. Hello Susan ~

    So nice to visit with you! I do think it will be so fun next spring when I can really get started! 🙂

    I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!


  6. Hi Sharon ~ I am reading “Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping” by Miriam Lukken. I am reading the section on ~The Garden~ and found this list. Perennials for the Cutting Garden: Aster, Baby’s-breath, Bellflower, Black-eyed Susan, Chrysanthemum, Delphinium, Foxglove, Iris, Lavender, Peony, Phlox, Purple coneflower and Yarrow. There were a few more that were listed…but I had not heard of them. I hope a few of these sound like something that might work for your new cutting garden. Hope that your evening is a homey one!

  7. Hi Teri ~

    That is awesome ~ so many choices! Maybe I need a bigger garden space ~ HE!HE! 🙂 That book sounds familiar ~ I will check and see if it is at the library!

    Thanks so much for your flower help & your sweet friendship too!

    Sweet blessings on your evening!

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