Doughnut Day

Bill helped me make doughnuts yesterday morning for breakfast ~ this has become one of my new favorite recipes ~ they are sooo yummy ~ but one that I think we need to reserve for special occasions ~ Smileβ™₯ I have to confess…yesterday was not a special occasion…unless you want to call “doughnut day” a special occasion! πŸ™‚

This recipe is from the blog Home is where the heart is… Β  If you would like to try them, the recipe is found here.

Grace & peace to you this week!



12 thoughts on “Doughnut Day

  1. I better NEVER have a doughnut day! There are some things you just know you should never make and for me, those are 1 of them :o)

    I like them TOO MUCH :o)

    Have a great week …

  2. These look so delicious, Sharon! A special treat! Reminds me of the special treat we had this morning. We visited Old Salem yesterday, a historic site founded by the Moravians, and they are known for their cookies and sweet rolls, loaded with brown sugar. We bought some of the rolls and had them this morning–not something I would do everyday. But oh were they good.

    May you have joy in your work today,


  3. Good evening Teresa!

    They were so good and a special treat! It sounds like your sweet rolls were very good also! A treat that is nice to have on occasion. And what a fun day you enjoyed! It seems like a place that I would really enjoy visiting. Was this a field trip for you? It sounded like a special day!

    I hope your weekend is blessed!

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