Hints of fall

We are only just beginning to see the first signs of the changing colors of the leaves here ~ but how pretty they are!  His handiwork is so inspiring!




It has been a quiet & restful Sunday here.  There were some very loud downpours of rain during church early this morning, but this afternoon has turned into a lovely almost fall day.  Soon it will be time for crunchy leaves, visiting the farm, finding cozy spots for reading & sipping hot cocoa, craft bazaars and working on holiday projects!~ Sweet autumn joys to look forward to!

I hope this has been a restful day for you too!

Have a lovely week!




14 thoughts on “Hints of fall

  1. Sharon,

    Here in the North, the mountains are covered with orange and reds…it is such a lovely sight 🙂

    Thank you for sharing…


  2. Good evening Maria! It must be a delightful sight in your area ~ things are just starting to turn here so it’s not very plentiful yet. Last year we enjoyed one of the most colorful autumn seasons that I remember…so so pretty!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Yahoo! Is that a little Japanese Maple I see? We had one in our yard where I grew up in Skagit County. I loved the leaves. Ours are just beginning here, but it’s been hot, hot, hot! I’m ready for cozy! Have a great week, Sharon!

  4. Hi Pom Pom ~ that does look like a Japanese maple ~ we have two in our yard but ours haven’t changed much yet. They are lovely in the fall ~ so I will be looking forward to that! It seems like we had a short summer here and today it is raining ~ so I think fall has arrived!

    I hope some coziness arrives at your house soon!

    Blessing for your week!

  5. Good morning Teri ~

    Just a couple more days and fall will “officially” be here! Soon there will be such a pretty display of colors and we can enjoy all the simple pleasures of the season! I hope you will enjoy some autumn pleasures this week too!

    Sweet blessings,

  6. Beautiful pictures. I love fall. I want to say I think it is my favorite season but then I think they are all my favorite. I love the fact that I live in a place where the different seasons can be enjoyed. Take care and God bless.

  7. Hi Sharon, Aidan and I have been making stars! oh my : ) I went to the $ store the other day and found several other items to do with him this winter, pot holder loom with thread, checkers, and play dough. I know I could make it but just didn’t. Also, they had scrap booking materials on sale, so I got some to get him started. He was so excited as we were unloading. Yesterday we molded with play dough, I think I had as much fun as him.
    I have decorarted a bit for harvest time of which we view from Sept-Nov. I bought some resin figurines of native American Indians and pilgrims and put dried leaves, pumpkins etc. Also fixed a basket with dried arrangment for our front door. I also put out about some dried/fake berries, branches and fall leaves. I haven’t done any decorating for fall in a long while and I am enjoying it.
    I shall stop rambling for now. Always enjoy your sharings.
    In Joy,

  8. Hi Sharon,
    As always you have brightened my day with your
    lovely words and pictures. Hope all is well
    with you and yours and that you are enjoying
    life in Him.

    Richest Blessings,

  9. Hi Donna ~

    I hope you are having a lovely fall day at your house! For the most part I think we enjoy somewhat distinctive seasons also, but we don’t always have snow so sometimes fall and winter can run together just a bit! 🙂

    I hope your weekend is filled with blessings!

  10. Dear Vivian ~

    It was so nice to hear from you ~ it was like getting a letter in the mail from a sweet friend! I loved hearing about all of the plans for things that you and Aidan can work on together, making crafts & memories, and for what you are doing around your home! Everything sounds wonderful. It is so fun to make our homes cozy for a new season.

    Today we went to some farms ~ enjoying a bit of farm life and the wonderful sunshine which we have been blessed with today. It was so inspiring to me of things I can work on around my little home!

    Thanks again so much for sharing!

    Sweet blessings for the rest of your weekend,

  11. Hi Sandy ~

    Thanks so much for your sweet visit! We have been so blessed here today with a beautiful sunshiny fall day! We enjoyed a little taste of farm life today and it was so inspiring!

    I am doing well…what a blessing…life in Him!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

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