~ Quiet pondering places ~

Mark 6:31a (NASB)

“And He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.”

I love benches!  They just speak so much to me of quiet resting places!

“In the undistracted moment men are in touch with God and everlasting things.”

“In the silences I make in the midst of the turmoil of life I have appointments with God.  From these silences I come forth with spirit refreshed, and a renewed sense of power.  I hear a voice in the silences, and become increasingly aware that it is the voice of God.”

“We cannot go through life strong and fresh on constant express trains with ten minutes for lunch:  we must have quiet hours, secret places of the Most High, times of waiting upon the Lord, when we renew our strength and learn to mount up on wings as eagles, and then come back to run and not be weary, and to walk and not faint.”

“We need every day to be led by the Divine Shepherd into the green pastures and beside still waters.”

“The strenuousness of life and the increasing distractions of the world demand a zone of silence and the Quiet Hour.”

“Let us find that spot everyday, and the fellowship of silence.  On such moments infinite issues hinge!”

~All quotes from Springs In The Valley ~

by Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman


Do you have a quiet resting place?  I would love to hear what your special spot is like!

Today has been such a lovely day at my house ~ I hope yours has had a bit of sunshine too!

Sweet blessings to you♥



14 thoughts on “~ Quiet pondering places ~

  1. I have a bench/swing sitting nicely by the kitchen door. It just calls you to sit and enjoy the garden. Benches are just ideal to just be still and allow Our Lord to speak to us through His Creation!

    Thank you for sharing…the pictures and the quote were just lovely 🙂



  2. I love benches too, Sharon, for the same
    reasons you do. And I have one in a secluded
    spot in my yard where I enjoy sitting and
    reading my Bible and praying.
    These pictures of benches you have found
    are so wonderful. I’d even trade mine for a
    couple of these!
    Take care.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love the peacefulness they portray. I also have a special place. I have posted pictures of it before on my blog. In my yard I have a total of 3 swings, 3 benches, and 3 picnic tables, all placed strategically to give a nice, quiet area to rest. I find it helps me hear the Lord better. Take care and God bless.

  4. Thank your for such a restful, peaceful post. You truly seem to be a peaceful soul at heart. My favorite place is a bit far from my house … it is along Gunflint Trail in Northern Minnesota. I love it up there and am always refreshed when I return!

  5. What a peaceful post! I love all the photos of the benches. I don’t have a resting place like this outside…I wish I did. We do have a folding chair in the back yard that I do sit in under the tree sometimes. It would be lovely to have a bench to sit on. Have an enjoyable Sunday, Sharon!

  6. Hi Sharon!

    My outdoors bench doesn’t have a back, so I’ve found it peaceful to sit just inside my bedroom window and look directly out on the bird feeder as I read my Bible. I just bought a collapsible, leather storage box with a lid that I use to put those extra homeschool books in, and it doubles as a nice window seat as I lean against my bookcase. I’ve enjoyed watching the birds and squirrels as I meditate on what I’m reading:)

    Great post on the need be still before the Lord! So important.


  7. Dear Maria ~

    Your bench/swing sounds lovely ~ and in a perfect spot! I would love to have benches all around my yard for quiet resting spots!

    I hope you are enjoying a blessed Sunday!

  8. Hi Sandy ~

    Your bench sounds perfect for finding some quiet time away with the Lord. I hope your weather is nice enough for you to spend some time in your resting spot this week!

    Sweet blessings,

  9. Hi Donna ~

    I remember seeing the swing that your husband made for you ~ I love it! I will have to go back through your pictures and find all your swings, benches and tables. I love pictures of quiet spots!

    I hope you are enjoying a blessed Sunday with your family!

  10. Hi Laurie ~

    Your peaceful resting spot sounds wonderful!

    I hope you are enjoying your day and that the week ahead will be filled with some sweet times of refreshment for you!


  11. Hi Susan ~ I think your resting spot under the tree sounds like it would be a very refreshing place! Isn’t it a blessing that times of refreshment, stillness & pondering can be found in so many lovely areas!

    Sunday blessings to you!

  12. Good afternoon Teresa!

    What a lovely spot you have made for yourself! I would love to have a window seat and I think what you have done is a wonderful and creative idea!

    Thank you for sharing about your special place!

    I hope you are enjoying a blessed Sunday!

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