Farm cards

A nearby store has one of the photo machines where you can make digital prints in minutes.  I spent a little time yesterday adding text onto some of the photos that I had taken last weekend at the farm.  For 15 cents each, I think it is such an easy & frugal way for me to make cards.  I have been using pictures to make cards for awhile, but it never occurred to me until recently to add text to them!

So I had an enjoyable card making time yesterday!

So simple and fun!

How has your weekend been?

Blessings on this new week in October!



22 thoughts on “Farm cards

  1. Very clever, Sharon! I like them. I have many pictures of flowers, fruits and vegetables that would make pretty cards. I’m going to check it out. Happy October to YOU, dear!

  2. Hi Pom Pom ~

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this sooner ~ I loved the simplicity it added for me to make cards ~ this way I can send more! 🙂 I hope you can try it ~ the ones you mentioned would make such pretty cards.

    Happy October to you too, sweet Pom Pom!

  3. Sharon,

    This is truly a great idea! What a neat way to save and also to share the beauty that you have in your home with others.



  4. Good afternoon, Teri ~

    I have so enjoyed making cards with pictures. Bill originally gave me the idea to use outdoorsy pictures to make birthday cards for the men in our family. It really works so well to make all kinds of cards this way ~ and now that I can add text on too ~ I will probably get carried away! 🙂

    Simple blessings,

  5. Hello Maria ~

    I love to send cards and I am enjoying this simple way to make them with pictures. There are just so many possibilities!

    I hope your day is blessed and sweet!

  6. They are beautiful and so unique and as your husband says, a really great way to make cards for the men in our families :o)

    A young friend of mine does this all the time in making her own small scripture texts to give away but I hadn’t thought of it for cards … I guess I’m a bit slow :o)

    Have a wonderful week Sharon :o)

  7. Hi Dallas ~

    Making cards with pictures for the men in our family has been such a huge blessing for me. I can usually find boats or other nature pictures that work well.

    What a wonderful idea to make scripture texts to give away. I know someone who adds scriptures to pictures to use when she sends out emails of encouragement, but I had never thought to do this for card making either. 🙂 Such simplicity for me!

    Have a blessed weekend, Dallas!

  8. Welcome, Debbie! It is so nice to have you visit!

    I loved adding the text to the photos ~ there are so many options and it makes card making so simple!

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  9. Such a wonderful idea. I had never thought of this but I definitely would like to try it. Thanks for the great ideas. God bless.

  10. Hi Donna ~

    I hope you enjoy this too! It is fun that you can add just what you want to say on any specific picture. So many possibilities!

    Sweet Sunday blessings to you!

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