Gratitude…a precious gift for giving

I am hoping my mom can come for Christmas…so I am preparing in advance, looking for small gifts to put in her stocking ~ something my dad always did for her.  She lives in a teeny tiny cabin…so I look for practical things ~ things she can use and that won’t just be clutter for her…but it would be a joy to find meaningful things as well.   And then I saw this post at A Holy Experience:

Make a Gratitude Jar: Gift Joy from the past

…and I knew it was perfect.  I shared the idea with Bill and he said he would work on one for his parents as well.  I think it will be a treasure for us all!

Now I am looking forward to going to the second hand stores & praying that we will find special containers to hold hand written messages of gratitude.  What better gift could we give to those who don’t need more things ~ but would be blessed by our thanks?


“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Sweetest weekend blessings to you all!



19 thoughts on “Gratitude…a precious gift for giving

  1. I also saw that on Ann’s blog and thought it
    a wonderful idea. My mom is with the Lord but
    I was thinking of perhaps doing it for my
    Sweet blessings to you,

  2. Hi Sandy ~ I’m sure it would be such a blessing for your husband! A few years ago I did a similar thing for my husband ~ I decorated a little box and lid and called it “Things I Love About You” ~ filling it with reasons why I love him. As soon as he started looking in it, I knew it was meaningful to him!

    I was so blessed to see the “gratitude jar” because I didn’t think of doing something like that!

    Sweetest blessings on your day!

  3. Hi Terri ~

    I loved the post at A Holy Experience ~ I think it is a wonderful idea too! I know it will touch my mom and Bill’s parents. It would be neat if you can do it for your parents too ~ think of all the gratitude & joy we can spread around! 🙂

    Sweet blessings,

  4. Oh Sharon…this is such a lovely idea! I am sure your mom and Bill’s parents would enjoy it so much. It doesn’t take up much space and shares such sweet blessings with them! Something to look forward to! Thank you for sharing! Hugs ♥ Teri

  5. Good evening, Teri!

    I am so happy to have found this idea at A Holy Experience. It is a blessing that it doesn’t take up much space and hopefully will fill their hearts with joy knowing how much they mean to us and how we appreciate all they’ve done for us.

    Sweet Sunday blessings to you,

  6. What a sweet idea! I’ll have to think of a way to do this at school. Some kids get very little encouragement in their every day lives. I AM thankful for them and their special ways and this would be a nice way to get specific!

  7. Such a wonderful idea. My in-laws have all they need so it is always hard to get them a gift. I think they would enjoy this. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh Sharon! What a lovely, wonderful idea ~ your Mom will love it and treasure it … now you’ve got me wanting to do at least one, maybe more :o)

  9. Hello Senkyoushi!

    I thought this was such a lovely idea when I saw it and I am hoping it will be a Christmas blessing for my mom. I think I will look for another container and make a jar for myself to put on our kitchen table as a little centerpiece ~ filling it with notes of thankfulness to the Lord for His abundant blessings.

    Have a lovely day,

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