Cardmaking with a friend



A friend came over today so we could work on cards together.  I had found a little gift book for sale inexpensively at the library awhile ago, and I thought the cute little pictures would be lovely for cardmaking.   Such a simple way to make cards quickly.

After I finished those, I still had time to make just a few more.

Cardmaking really is relaxing for me ~ I’m glad I made the time and welcomed a friend into my home today!


I hope you have enjoyed a blessed Monday!

Grace & peace to you!



8 thoughts on “Cardmaking with a friend

  1. I love your cards… never thought of recycling pictures on cards. I have a couple of small calendars that I kept because I liked the pictures, now I know what to do with them… thanks for sharing!

  2. Card making is an act of love. Your cards are beautiful! I hope you’ve recovered from all your snow and that you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Sharon!

  3. Dear Sharon…Such beautiful cards…you always share such sweet homespun items from your home! Such a lovely way to spend time with your special friend! THank you for sharing! Luv & Hugs ♥ Teri

  4. Hi Sharon, yes, the cards you make are very special. What type glue do you use in your craft making? Is there a different one you use on the felt crafts from the card making?

    Have had you on my mind today as I have been crafting too : )

    In Joy,

  5. Hello Vivian ~ Blessings to you today!

    Oh, you’re crafting too, how fun ~ what are you working on today? I love to hear about other’s projects, it’s so inspiring!

    Thank you for your kind words! For cards I usually use the adhesive tabs like for scrapbooking, or sometimes a regular glue stick, and I used hot glue for gluing on the bow on the one card.

    When I made the teacup cards that had felt, I used hot glue, but for the most part I’ve just sewn with felt. I’m wondering if tacky glue would work on felt?

    Enjoy your crafting time and have a lovely day!

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