Sunbonnet Sue cards

Sitting in the den last week, I was thinking of my card making plans and I asked Abbie  for any ideas.   She started looking around, and on the wall above her noticed the little girl on this cloth she had been given as a gift.

As soon as she said it, I knew it was perfect since I remembered this material in my fabric stash!

So a quiet, rainy weekend was perfect for cardmaking!  Loving things with an old-fashioned touch ~ I think these have been some of my favorite cards to make so far.  I added real buttons where there was a button on the fabric for fun!




Do you have any projects you have been working on?  Very soon it will be time for those outside projects enjoyed in the warmth of  some sunshine.  The first day of spring is almost here! 🙂

Blessings to you as a new week begins!






13 thoughts on “Sunbonnet Sue cards

  1. Hello sweet friend, yes I am working on lots of things at the same time. I am vacation for 10 days…………I am enjoying it so much. I was just outside checking on the chickie girls……..I came back to the house with a full heart of praise……..I love my home ad dislike having to leave it every day. I know that the Lord has provided us a job and I do thank Him…….but my heart is so in my HOME the whole time I am gone. Listen to me……..I am just jabbering.

    I love your project……..adorable. I have a very old quilt that still needs sewn together of Sunbonnet Sues…….it was given to me to have………one day……when I am old. Smile.
    Hugs and blessings sweet friend,

  2. Those have got to be some of the cutest cards I’ve seen! I always wanted to make my girls a quilt with the little bonnet girls.

    We have been working on cleaning up outside of our home-when the weather lets us 🙂 Also been checking out nurseries and garden shops. I will have to post the goodies we have found so far.

    Have a wonderful week,


  3. Dear Sharon,

    Oh, these cards are absolutely precious! I just love this material…and cards were the perfect use for it! You are a very talented lady indeed! This post also gave me an idea about some material I have up in my stash…thank you so much for sharing!

    Have a blessed week,

  4. Love the cards… so cute! My grandmother made my daughter a Sunbonnet Sue quilt when she was little and I love the pattern.

  5. Such beautiful cards! I am sure you had so much fun making them. They just look like fun. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas with us. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. Oh, these are just so sweet!! Your greetings are always so very creative and friendly! What a treat it must be to get a sweet greeting such as these! I’m so very grateful you share these ideas so we can use some of these ideas to bless others as well. Thank you!

    Happy Tuesday dear friend,

  7. Sharon, you’re cards are way too cute! You are so talented in what you do. I don’t do many crafts, but I have been working on a couple of things for my older daughter’s baby shower. My younger daughter and I are giving her one in a couple of weeks. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  8. Thank you for all of your kind comments ~ you ladies are the sweetest!♥ This was such a fun use of this material and I have lots more fabric left ~ so I’m sure I’ll be making more!
    I hope your week is going well ~ sweetest blessings to you all!

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