Spring journal

This was just an inexpensive spiral notebook purchased when school supplies were on sale and covered with magazine pictures ~ but this has probably been my favorite journal.  Since I am getting near the end ~ I decided to make another one!

Something cheery & encouraging to keep track of my thoughts and prayers!  And the price is perfect!


I hope the weekend is a blessed one for you ~ filled with sunny days and the blessings and hope of spring!






17 thoughts on “Spring journal

  1. Thank you, Teri ~ it’s always so nice to have pretty pictures nearby to inspire. This one with the flowers and chickens seems so cheery to me ~ and of course the reminder to “simplify”!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Dear Sharon,

    Your notebook cover is lovely…and such a wonderful idea! Don’t you just love it when you find a bargain! Right now I am working on making a “planner” of sorts out of cloth that can hold a small calendar, note pad, and such to help me with keeping track of my dad’s appointments. It’s always so nice to have something pretty!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I have kept journals for years now and usually
    buy them at Ross Store for $2.99. It will be
    so much fun to start making my own now with
    these less expensive spiral notebooks. Thanks
    for such a good idea, Sharon.

  4. It is so beautiful! Great way to keep those magazine photos that speak to your heart…your journals have all of my favourites too!
    Love the idea!

  5. Hi.. I love your journal cover. Paper crafts are so much fun and when they are also uselful it is even nicer.
    I have been keeping a journal since I was 12.. MANY years ago… smile… I will hopefully try to do one like yours next.

  6. Dear Sharon,

    I saw a post of your first journal pictured before Christmastime last year. I was inspired to cut out fun winter pictures and paste them on a journal. I sent in a box with other homemade goodies to my mother. I am just itching to make a spring one now ~ I love this idea! I think I’ll use it for taking sermon/Bible study notes at church. Thanks so much for sharing this fun idea!

    Blessings on your weekend,

  7. Hello sweet Katie ~ always such a joy to visit with you! It is so fun to make pretty things using inexpensive items. I hope you have fun making a spring journal ~ I’m sure it will be lovely and sermon/Bible study notes will be a perfect use!

    Sweet blessings to you!

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