Hello Friends

It has been so long since I’ve posted ~ just where does the time go?  I hope you are enjoying a blessed beginning of spring!  Our weather has not been very springlike here ~ chilly and there was even some snow in our area yesterday!  But I am hopeful that sunny days and warmth will be here soon!  So many outside things are waiting for me! 🙂

Yesterday I started working on a fun little project I thought I’d show you using this tutorial.  It is quick to make and I thought it would make a cute little gift with something tucked inside ~ such as stickers or notecards & stamps.  I just made these using fabric pieces I already had, but I saw something similar made up using a vintage napkin ~ wouldn’t that be fun to use?

On this one I did a different fabric on the inside like the tutorial showed, but on the others I just used the same fabric for the inside and outside.  Lots of possibilities!

So if you are still enjoying inside kind of days like me ~ maybe you would like to try one too!

Sweet blessings to you!♥



24 thoughts on “Hello Friends

  1. Hi Sharon! Oh, the fabric envelopes are darling. I love them! I’m definitely going to check out the tutorial. I have some perfect fabric pieces. It’s nice to see you!

  2. Thanks, Pom Pom ~ it’s nice to see you too! 🙂 I will look forward to coming and visiting you also. This was a very easy project ~ hope you enjoy!

    Blessings to you!

  3. Oh Sharon…these are so, so pretty! You make the prettiest homespun treasures! How sweet of you to share the projects that you work on! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  4. What a lovely idea. I’ve had a look at the tutorial and it isnt hard to do. Thank you!
    Yours look very pretty.I love the fabrics you have chosen.

  5. Oh my, those are so sweet! I will have to try and make some of these.

    We have had lots of cold spells here lately but yesterday was 70’s and nice. Wish I could send some warmth your way!

    Hope you are having a great week,

  6. Thank you, Teri ~ you are so sweet! It is so fun to work on simple homespun projects! I hope you are enjoying a lovely day today & sweet weekend blessings to you!♥

  7. Hello Elizabeth ~ Your’re welcome & thank you for your kind comment!♥ Yes, it was a simple project ~ I love things that can be finished quickly and that can be used for a simple gift!

    Sweet weekend blessings to you!

  8. Hello Vicki ~ Thank you for visiting and for your sweet words of encouragement!

    Oh, 70’s sounds so nice! Today we have a little sunshine ~ it’s supposed to be our nicest day, about 55°, before the rains come in for the weekend. Hope it is sunshiny at your house!

    Sweet blessings,

  9. Greetings of Love to you ‘my crafty friend in WA.” as I refer to you when sharing all your neat craft ideas, these envelopes are so cute; are they able to actually be mailed? This would be a neat surprise for someone to receive in their mailbox. I saved the tutorial myself for this winter. Busy days here with gardening, potting in the greenhouse and such. Being our first year for potting seeds, it has been a most fulfilling experience to see the seeds grow so, God is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing these.

    In Joy,

  10. Hi Sharon,
    These are so cute! You are so creative, you did such a lovely job. Thank you for sharing them. I hope you are enjoying the lovely springtime!!

  11. Thank you, Bess ~ you are so gracious & kind! I am hoping to find some time to start another fabric envelope today ~ I have added some stickers to a couple of the ones I made and they are so cute with something tucked inside! 🙂

    Thank you for blessing me by your sweet visit! 🙂

  12. Thank you Susan ~ you are so sweet! It is so fun to make simple projects that can be finished quickly. These will be fun to send off as little gifts!

    Our spring has started very slowly ~ it is chilly here and not much sunshine so far ~ but many blessings still! Thanks for blessing me with your visit!

    Hope your day is lovely, Susan!

  13. Hello sweet friend! I’m not sure about how to mail these without covering them up ~ it would be fun to get a colorful envelope in the mail as a surprise! I’m hoping to get started on another one today if there is time, we’ll see, as I am hoping to get started on some decluttering too!

    Your days sound wonderful and productive. Such a lovely time of year in the garden. We just need a little warmth here ~ I have so many things waiting for me outdoors.

    Have a lovely day! I was so happy to see a visit from you!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing these. They would be lovely gifts and something that I could add to my shop as little somethings to sell…

  15. You’re welcome, Faye! I saw something similar made from a vintage napkin in an antique shop and I thought it was such a neat idea. I put a card and stickers in one the other day and sent it to a friend as a little birthday treat. I hope you enjoy making some too.

    Sweet blessings,

  16. These fabric envelopes are so sweet! I just love the craft projects you complete! Just wanted to stop by to send love and greetings to your family on this special weekend. 🙂

    Blessings in Christ,

  17. Thank you, Katie! And thank you so much for stopping by…it seems like I have been so slow at blogging these days! 🙂

    I hope you and your family had a blessed Easter celebration!

    Much love and blessings to you,

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