Home joys

Some lovely sunshine has come our way ~ this is the fourth day in a row! 🙂  It is supposed to be cooler again on the weekend ~ but for now I am enjoying it so much!

 Some simple joys around my home:

The sound of lawnmowers in the neighborhood

Open windows letting fresh air in


Early morning cleaning with the sun shining in ~ somehow I think it makes the tasks all the more pleasant! 🙂

Cooking outside on the grill

What simple joys are you enjoying?

I hope your weekend is filled with many simple blessings!♥



18 thoughts on “Home joys

  1. Newly-mown lawn (too)
    Morning fellowship with Bible study group
    Lunch with Bible study group
    Multiple shades of green in flower beds
    Strength for today
    Bright hope for tomorrow
    Forgiveness of sins

  2. Dear Sharon…such a pretty picture that you have shared! A few simple joys from our home…my quiet time with God…my sweet husband…our cosy little cottage…our lawn and garden that my husband spends so much time making things look so nice…a scented candle…the smells coming from our little kitchen…inspirational books…old linens…vintage items…our well stocked pantry and freezer…a cup of organic coffee with organic cream…a sweet treat from our kitchen. It is such a blessing and a simple joy to have so many sweet pleasures to share. So much to be thankful for! Simple joys for your weekend! Hugs ♥ Teri

  3. Oh Teri ~ such sweet & simple pleasures at your house too! Your list is lovely also & shows just how many simple blessings we have surrounding us everyday!


  4. As I type this, I am enjoying many of your simple joys. Hubby is mowing the yard. My window is open letting in fresh air and I just finished cooking supper on the grill. My daughters are upstairs in their bedroom. The sound of their laughter drifts down the stairs to me. I think this is my greatest joy. Home. Family. And the beautiful sound of their laughter. Enjoy your evening and God bless.

  5. Hi Sharon,
    I enjoy the same simple joys as you…especially sun shining through the windows! I also love when the house is quiet, hearing my husband and daughter talking together, snuggling on the sofa with my husband, playing with our dog, reading a good book, taking a nap, just ‘being’ at home…and many more I can’t think of right now. Thank you for this wonderful post!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Sitting at three different tables and sharing lunch with my students who leave me in two weeks.
    Telling stories after lunch with fun fourteen year old kids.
    Feeding Samantha Rose her dinner while her mama and papa dined out. She laughs at my jokes!
    I’m so glad the sun is shining, Sharon. My nephew got married in Issaquah last night.

  7. Thank you Sharon for such a sweet post…
    Some simple joys of this early morning.
    The sound of the birds singing their praises through our open bedroom window.
    The patter of the rain..
    My early commune with the Lord.
    The delicous smell of the coffee perking.
    The vista of green leaves and grass through our family room window.
    The sweet sound of my Mom’s voice across the telephone wires as we wish each other good morning.
    The touch of my husband’s hand as he heads for the eggs and frying pan.. *Saturday morning ritual..smile
    Chatting with him about our evening last night with some old friends.
    The excitement I feel looking forward to a long weekend spent with our children and grandsons..
    And reading some special early morning blogs before beginning our day..
    God Bless…

  8. A beautiful picture. Simple joys… windows are open…fresh mowed lawns…a loving family…working in the garden.

    Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  9. All those same simple joys make my heart happy! I am so very glad you are enjoying a touch of spring!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  10. Such delightful joys for you, Faye! I so enjoyed reading of all your simple pleasures ~ so many wonderful blessings.

    I hope your Sunday is filled with many more simple joys!

  11. Hi Vicki ~ it was so nice to enjoy 4 sunshiny days in a row. I loved getting outside and weeding! Now, the weekend has turned cooler again but we were still able to browse through the Farmer’s Market so that was fun!

    Blessings on your weekend,

  12. Hello Cheryl ~ it is so nice to meet you! I have enjoyed the happenings around your home.

    So many wonderful simple joys surround us! I have so enjoyed reading everyone’s lists ~ I find it so encouraging! Such sweet simple joys for you!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  13. Oh, your simple joys sound like such fun, Pom Pom!

    We LOVED the sunshine ~ 4 glorious days in a row! Now the rain and clouds have returned! Although it was sprinkling yesterday morning, we were able to go to the Farmer’s Market ~ another sweet joy! And rhubarb was purchased for pie! 🙂

    Blessings friend!

  14. Such a lovely list, Susan! I have been so blessed reading everyone’s lists! Brings to mind all the simple things that bring such joy to our lives, many of which I probably overlook everyday! Thank you so much for the encouragement!

    Sunday blessings to you!

  15. Hi Sharon, I adore open windows and back doors, too. There is good about every season, but I especially enjoy the seasons I can have windows open. The kitties like it, too! Hard to believe June 1st is upon us! Bess

  16. Hello Bess ~ so nice to visit with you!

    Open windows and doors is a wonderful blessing this time of year. We have enjoyed some lovely warm days recently ~ today is cloudy but hopefully I can hang some things on the line ~ such a joy to look out and see laundry drying!

    June blessings to you!

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