Holiday pinwheels

Donna & Rebecca ~

Here is a link for the Strawberry Pinwheel cookies.  I omitted the nuts in mine but I think they do look delicious with the nuts also!

And if you wanted to try making a simple pinwheel ~ here is a link for the kind that we made.  Simple and festive for the 4th!

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6 thoughts on “Holiday pinwheels

  1. My daughter in the store the other day asked if we could buy a pinwheel. I told her “not today but perhaps another time”. Well, thanks to your lovely photo and link, my daughter will be pleasantly surprised that we get to make them today! 🙂 She loves to “cut” (she’s 4) and this will be so fun for her ~ thank you!

    Thank you also for your kind words on yesterday’s post ~ your posts and comments are always full of grace and seasoned with salt! You have inspired *me* with your sweet spirit that flows through this blog!

    Blessings to you!

  2. The cookies remind me of ones I make at Christmas though they are bow shaped and not the whole pinwheel. Everything looks very festive, Sharon!

  3. Thank you for your kindness, Katie!

    Four is such a fun and sweet age! Were you able to make a pinwheel? Since the ones we had were definitely holiday ones, Abbie decided to make a more everyday pinwheel that is pale green and then she used a couple sizes of paper punches to make “dots” in the corners instead of using stickers. It turned out very cute!

    I hope you enjoy a lovely summer day,

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