~Fall pleasures~

Here we are almost a week into fall already ~ the weather is cooling,  new routines are taking the place of the relaxed days of summertime, and the days are seeming much more cozy!  Days for…

♥Hot chocolate

♥The homey smell of an apple-cinnamon candle

♥Crafting time again ~ my first lavender sachets with lavender from my garden

♥Time for planning more projects to work on ~ I bought some flour sack towels on sale awhile back and I am especially looking forward to trying these

♥Settling into our school routine

♥Stocking up ~ although I am finding it difficult to find many good stock-up sales at the grocery stores these days!

♥Homemade soup

♥Enjoying the end of summer’s beauty & planning for next spring

I am definitely looking forward to enjoying the simplicity of this season and some quietness of heart as well.

What do your fall days look like?


22 thoughts on “~Fall pleasures~

  1. A Hobby Lobby! How nice! I went to one with Jessica down where she lives. It was so nice. Such beautiful fabric! I hope you get yours soon. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Hi there, What wonderful fall blessings; I too love each season but especially fall. It screams scented candles, fall decorations, slower days and getting to the mountains-which we did today. I always have a quilt I’m working on and love the peaceful easy days.
    Sendng love your way today Sharon.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. I love fall in the northwest, Sharon! It’s still warm here and the trees are full and green. I think the first cold day will plunge me into the cozy mode!

  4. Autumn is such a special time to me for so many reasons.
    I remember my girlhood and doing arts and crafts with my
    wonderful mother. When I’d come home from school she’d
    have freshly baked cookies and milk for me. We’d settle
    in and enjoy our crafts until time for dinner and homework.
    Seems autumn brings the need to nest and craft out in us
    all. I enjoyed this lovely post.

  5. Dear Sharon…such lovely fall blessings that you have shared! I too…love the simplicity and the quietness of the fall season! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  6. The Jelly Towels are so cute. I like flour sack towels. My parents gave me some last Christmas.

    I do enjoy the cooler mornings and warmer afternoons that we get in the fall.

    Have a wonderful day.


  7. That hot chocolate looks scrumptious!! Yum! I love all the scents that you mentioned (hot cocoa, candle, sachet, soup). I really enjoy all the coziness that fall can bring. We have been making some banana bread and peach crisp, and last weekend, we visited an apple orchard. Homemade apple pie is on the menu this weekend…just perfect for hubby’s arrival!

    All the crafts you mentioned look so lovely ~ and how neat that you can make homemade lavender sachets from homegrown lavender ~ what care and time goes into such a sweet little package!

    I think my favorite thing about fall is observing the color changes of the leaves and the amazing sunsets this time of year. It truly causes me to pause and think about my Creator! Majestic!

    I remember reading months ago that your family gets together to celebrate each season ~ is there another celebration in order for Fall? How fun!!

    Many blessings to you and yours during this beautiful time of year,

    *Psalm 92:4*

  8. It is quite exciting about the Hobby Lobby! In fact, I found out that we are getting not one, but two in the area, and we are probably about half way between the two! It will be so fun to check it out ~ one of them is supposed to open around the end of this month!

    Blessings Donna!

  9. Hi Pom Pom ~ the days are definitely getting cooler here ~ but your warmth does sound nice too! I am looking forward to being able to have fires in the woodstove again ~ such a sweet fall pleasure!

    Blessings to you,

  10. Oh Sandy…such sweet memories for you…treasured times! Autumn does seem to cause us to slow down and cozy up our homes and definitely makes me want to work on some projects. And Christmas will be coming soon! 🙂

    Blessings to you,

  11. I love those jelly towels…and I think they would make such a simple and lovely gift! I am looking forward to trying them.

    The fall season has so many blessings!

    Have a blessed day!

  12. Katie ~ your fall treats sound delicious, and how fun to visit an apple orchard…I would love that!

    I really enjoyed making the sachets…I was hesitant in cutting too much from my garden as I wanted to leave some beauty there…but next year I would like to cut much more for sachets…it’s so fun to be able to make things from your own yard! My daughter has been drying some of my calendula and she used some fresh calendula to put in oil and then used it to make a calendula salve!

    Yes, we are trying to have a family get together each season. We had our summer time over Labor Day weekend so we will probably wait a bit for our fall time. For the summer one my husband and I hid various items outside and we had a scavenger hunt! Such fun family times.

    Definitely, His beauty, is such an amazing blessing!

    I loved the scripture that you shared ~ thank you!

    Fall blessings to you!

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